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The September Edit – Get Back to the Basics with the Foundations of Hijab Style
Sep 7, 2021
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Haute Hijab Shaping Scrunchie, No-Snag Hijab Magnet and Underscarf
Guest Contributor
guest writer
We’ve spent all of 2021 working our way through various Haute Hijab products as well as hijab trends through our monthly fashion edits to bring you deeper (and interesting) product knowledge, as well as seasonal trends to keep you in the know! This month, with school starting up and other in-person events and activities happening, let’s take a moment to bring it back to the basics of hijabs, to the importance of hijab foundations.
Foundations are something many of us unknowingly struggle with, whether we’re new to hijab or have been wearing it awhile. How important is it, really, to have the right understanding of hijab fabric, of when an underscarf is needed, what underscarf works best, how to tie one’s hair and what a good Shaping Scrunchie can do for us, and of course hijab magnets and pins to help us have a secure hijab style?
Turns out, it’s pretty important!
We’ve spent the past few years focusing on these foundations and how to bring you the basics you need to have your best hijab day, all day and every day. Who doesn’t want to look polished and nice in their hijab when they leave their home? And, feel confident and strong? Here at Haute Hijab, we are committed to providing you with all the foundations to achieve your hijab style.
So let’s break it all down!
Shaping Scrunchies
Shaping Scrunchie - Velvet
We gave the average scrunchie a major upgrade. Ours is crafted from soft velvet for a secure hold that's gentle on the hair. Ruched elastic construction creates a seamless, rounded shape underneath your hijab. The small size is recommended for those with thick or long hair.
Achieving a secure and beautiful hijab style starts with taking care of your hair underneath. If you've ever struggled to achieve that nice rounded shape underneath your hijab (honestly, who hasn't?!), our Shaping Scrunchie is about to change your life – or at least your morning routine. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you’ll gather it into some sort of bun or ponytail. Then, you can use our Shaping Scrunchie (in Jersey or Velvet) to bring a nice shape to your gathered hair. You get to choose between sizes small and large. Small is recommended for ladies with thick or long hair, and Large is recommended for those with short or thin hair (or anyone who'd like a little volume boost!).
Picking the Right Underscarf
Some hijab fabrics and styles work better with an underscarf. For example, you may want to consider wearing an underscarf with our Everyday Chiffons, our Satins and our Heritage Silks. You may prefer to wear an underscarf for added hair coverage with whatever hijab you choose to wear. There is so much to know about our line of Ultimate Underscarves that they deserve an “edit” on their own (which we did, so click here to read that!)
We have four types of underscarves to choose from, and they all come in a variety of colors.
1. The Classic Underscarf: Featuring the powerful benefits of the soft, bamboo viscose jersey, the Classic Underscarf upgrades and replaces your every day underscarves. A simple, rounded shape at the front combined with the ruched panel at the back make this a staple. It expertly contains your hair with its ergonomic structure. The wide-cut band and ties at the nape, which can be tied or tucked away if not needed, create a custom and comfortable fit. The texture of the Classic Underscarf works beautifully with all kinds of hijab fabrics, including those that tend to be more smooth, like chiffons and satins. In addition to Mink, Ivory and Black, it is also available in three gorgeous new colors – Mushroom, Sienna and Stone!
Silk-Blend Satin Underscarf
The sustainably processed silk-blend satin lining protects textured hair while keeping it moisturized as the ultra-breathable bamboo viscose jersey exterior delivers cutting-edge anti-microbial, odor repelling and moisture wicking properties that will help keep your scalp fresh and cool all day.
2. The Criss-Cross Underscarf: Also made from soft, bamboo viscose jersey, our Criss-Cross Underscarf combines powerful benefits with a versatile and ergonomic design. The customizable front panels can be styled with a point or curve and separate for easy ear access – perfect for earbuds or stethoscopes! Our signature back ruching, newly added to the Criss-Cross, effortlessly stretches to contain your hair while ties at the nape create a custom fit for all-day comfort. Like the Classic, the Criss-Cross is also ideal to wear under chiffons, satins and everything in between. It is also available in Mushroom, Sienna, Stone, Mink, Ivory and Black.
3. The Silk-Blend Satin Underscarf: Our best seller Silk-Blend Satin Underscarf is very similar to our Classic Underscarf in terms of construction and style but also includes substantial hair protection. The sustainably-processed silk-blend satin lining protects textured hair while keeping it moisturized, as the ultra-breathable bamboo jersey exterior delivers cutting-edge anti-microbial and moisture wicking properties that will help keep your scalp fresh and cool all day.
It has a classic, rounded shape at the front and a hidden silicone band between the fabric to keep your underscarf comfortably in place. The ruched back panel expands up to 12" and the back-elastic expands by 6.5" to effortlessly accommodate varying hair volumes. A wide-cut band and ties at the nape, which can be tied snugly or simply tucked away, create a custom fit for all-day comfort. The Silk-Blend Satin is available in Mink and Black.
4. The Barely There: Our Barely There Underscarf is so light, you’ll forget you’re wearing it! The power mesh fabric provides maximum breathability, giving you the security of an underscarf in the lightest design available made to be invisible under your hijab for a streamlined look. Ruching at the back effortlessly distributes hair volume while ties at the nape create a custom fit for all-day comfort. The Barely There is available in four rich and beautiful shades – Caramel, Cocoa, Black and Buff.
No-Snag Hijab Magnets
Pavé Crystal Hijab Magnet
Our Pavé Crystal Hijab Magnets offer up extra glam with nickel-free brass and 14k gold plating; embellished with over one hundred sparkling pavé crystals! Enjoy the same function and security of a traditional safety pin with these ultra-strong magnets while adding some extra sparkle. Each purchase includes two pairs of magnets and comes with a velveteen pouch for safekeeping.
Forget safety pins – secure your style with our No-Snag Hijab Magnets (which also got its own edit back in January)! We really did our research when designing these magnets. Not only are they strong enough to hold any HH fabric in place all day long (yes, even multiple layers of Jersey!), but they're also super tiny, lightweight and won't damage even your most delicate fabrics. They come in an assortment of colors (Matte Black, Rose Gold, Silver, Gold) and a convenient four-pack. And, if you’re looking for something elevated to bring that extra sparkle to your hijab foundations, treat yourself to our newest hijab magnet, our Pavé Crystal Hijab Magnets. These beauties have 142 beautiful crystals hand-embedded into the magnet and 14k gold plating for a lovely sparkle!
We spend time picking out hijabs and hijab fabrics that suit our personality, face shape, skin color and our moods. We pick out hijabs for outfits and events, ones that we are drawn to and ones that become our go-to’s in our daily lives. Let’s not forget to invest in the foundational basics that will help us look our best in our hijabs!
What are your favorites when it comes to hijab basics? Share with us in the comments below!
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