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The April Edit: All About Our Ultimate Underscarves
Apr 7, 2021
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
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Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
Hidden underneath the hijab, the underscarf is THE accessory that keeps styles secure and hair neatly tucked away for a beautiful look that’s meant to last. Considered to be essential for many hijab-wearing women, underscarves were long overdue for some attention and an upgrade.
In the past, several commonly experienced issues hindered such a necessary product from effectively serving its purpose, including uncomfortable pressure on the ears, slippage or not staying in place, being rough on natural hair and poor breathability, hair loss and poor scalp health.
Haute Hijab decided to address these common pain points by creating a high-quality, revolutionary collection of underscarves that effectively reduces these issues to provide a much more comfortable and healthy underscarf-wearing experience. And thus, our Ultimate Underscarf Collection was born. And now, we’ve released our next generation of Ultimate Underscarves with tweaks to the design, ruching and more to address the customer feedback we received over the years!
High-Tech Fabric
One of the best things about our underscarf collection is the cutting-edge tech fabric used in our Classic, Criss-Cross and Silk-Blend Satin options. When it comes to keeping you cool, fresh and comfortable, the bamboo jersey fabric consistently outperforms polyester, nylon and in some cases, cotton due to its natural temperature regulating, moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties. Plus, the fabric is more sustainably made.
These properties mean that our underscarves also deliver built-in skincare technology while keeping odors and acne at bay. The bamboo fibers maximize breathability for a healthier scalp, which can help to prevent hair loss.
Another fabric used in one of our designs, the Barely There, is the soft and stretchy power mesh that provides premium air-flow for when you need a lighter option than traditional underscarves. This fabric is sheer and light, yet durable with slight texture for foolproof styling.
Innovative Design
We set out to create a custom fit that would contain your hair while maintaining a weightless and secure feeling. The new ergonomic design makes for better fitting options that stay in place. If you have ever had trouble keeping an underscarf on, this update will make all the difference for you!
The unique ruched panel on the back of our underscarves stretches to accommodate hair volume while also evenly distributing hair and providing subtle volume and shape for the perfect look under various hijab styles.

We also heard your demands for a design made with protection and natural hair in mind. Our newest addition to the collection, the Silk-Blend Satin Underscarf, keeps your tresses moisturized and protected under an ultra-smooth satin lining.
We have four different underscarves specially designed for various needs and preferences with the innovative fabric and craftsmanship that sets them apart as must-have essentials.
The Classic Underscarf
Featuring the powerful benefits of the soft, bamboo viscose jersey, the Classic Underscarf upgrades and replaces your every day underscarves.
A simple, rounded shape at the front combined with the ruched panel at the back, now made completely out of bamboo jersey, make this a staple. It expertly contains your hair with its updated ergonomic structure. The wide-cut band and ties at the nape, which can be tied or tucked away if not needed, create a custom and comfortable fit. The texture of the Classic Underscarf works beautifully with all kinds of hijab fabrics, including those that tend to be more smooth, like chiffons and satins. In addition to Mink, Ivory and Black, it is also available in three gorgeous new colors – Mushroom, Sienna and Stone!
The Criss-Cross Underscarf
Also made from soft, bamboo viscose jersey, our Criss-Cross Underscarf combines powerful benefits with a versatile and ergonomic design. The customizable front panels can be styled with a point or curve and separate for easy ear access – perfect for earbuds or stethoscopes! Our signature back ruching, newly added to the Criss-Cross, effortlessly stretches to contain your hair while ties at the nape create a custom fit for all-day comfort. Like the Classic, the Criss-Cross is also ideal to wear under chiffons, satins and everything in between. It is also available in Mushroom, Sienna, Stone, Mink, Ivory and Black.

The Silk-Blend Satin Underscarf
Our new Silk-Blend Satin Underscarf is very similar to our Classic Underscarf in terms of construction and style but also includes substantial hair protection. The sustainably-processed silk-blend satin lining protects textured hair while keeping it moisturized, as the ultra-breathable bamboo jersey exterior delivers cutting-edge anti-microbial and moisture wicking properties that will help keep your scalp fresh and cool all day.
It has a classic, rounded shape at the front and a hidden silicone band between the fabric to keep your underscarf comfortably in place. The ruched back panel expands up to 12" and the back-elastic expands by 6.5" to effortlessly accommodate varying hair volumes. A wide-cut band and ties at the nape, which can be tied snugly or simply tucked away, create a custom fit for all-day comfort. Wear it with any hijab for keeping your hair and your style intact. The Silk-Blend Satin is available in Mink and Black.
The Barely There
True to its name, our Barely There Underscarf is so light, you’ll forget you’re wearing it! The power mesh fabric provides maximum breathability, giving you the security of an underscarf in the lightest design available made to be invisible under your hijab for a streamlined look. Ruching at the back effortlessly distributes hair volume while ties at the nape create a custom fit for all-day comfort. The Barely There is available in four rich and beautiful shades – Caramel, Cocoa, Black and Buff. We recommend wearing it with our Premium Jersey and Bamboo Woven hijabs for easy styling.
Handle With Care
The best way to care for all four of our underscarves is to machine wash on the gentle cycle with other hijabs or in a care bag and laying flat to dry. Make sure to avoid the dryer, especially on the Silk-Blend Satin Underscarves since they contain a silicone band. Feel free to use your favorite stain remover, and they’ll be as good as new with each wash.
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