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A Hijabi's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Solid Hijab for your Skin Tone
Apr 17, 2019
Melanie Elturk
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Melanie Elturk
Every hijabi needs no-fail solid hijabs that are perfect for your skin tone - the go-to hijab you grab when you don't have time to fuss. Your hijab collection should be stocked with no-fail solids across all the materials you love that bring out the best in your skin tone. Different prints are also beautiful on a variety of skin tones too, but here we're focusing more on the solids. Read (and watch) on for tips according to your own beautiful skin tone and don't forget to stock up on our hijabs in the colors that make you feel fab!
Light Skin
If you have light skin, the solid color that looks best on you will depend on whether you have pink or yellow undertones. As a general rule, white and black look great on lighter skin (although black could potentially be harsh on lighter skin if you have light features as well) and the colors you want to avoid are beiges, camels and taupes (especially if you have pink undertones) as they do nothing for you.
Don't be afraid to go bold! Recreate the look on the right with our Everyday Chiffon Hijab in Sapphire! Or try our Premium Jersey Hijab in Jet Black like the stylish lady on the left. Bold jewel tones like cobalt, emerald, ruby red, royal violet and bright hues like aqua, canary yellow and bright pink look beautiful on light skin and if you have pink undertones, pastels will do wonders for you, but if you have yellow-ish undertones, be sure to experiment first as they may wash you out.
Above is the perfect example of the difference between yellow and pink undertones. Leena on the left is in the Premium Jersey Hijab in Light Mink. Because of her pink undertones she wears this pink pastel with ease (I'd venture to say this should be her signature go-to!). On the right is the Premium Jersey Hijab in Rose Quartz, which brings a slight rosy hue to the cheeks. Not sure if you have pink or yellow undertones? Do you look best in gold or silver jewelry? Silver denotes pink while gold denotes yellow undertones. Look great in both? Lucky you! You'll look great in almost any solid!
Colors to stock up on: White, black, charcoal grey, dove grey, silver, sapphire, royal violet, emerald, dark red, pastel pink, baby blue, lavender, canary yellow, hot pink and turquoise.
Medium Skin
For ladies who have medium skin tones (like myself) neutrals are your best bet for go-to solids that look amazing anytime. The neutral colors I stock up on across all materials are ivory, beige, taupe, camel, blush and mink. Opt for ivory over white (the coolness in white may wash you out while warm ivory brings out the best in your skin) and while black looks great on most medium skin, it may be too harsh on some, especially if you have light features. 
More no-fail colors for medium skin tones are autumn hues - these colors are right in your sweet spot - cranberry, burnt sienna, amber, olive green, teal and indigo. How beautiful is Saba, above right, in the Modal Maxi Wrap in Dark Olive!? Shop a similar look here with the Viscose Woven Hijab in Moss.
Outside of neutrals and fall hues, stick to bold, jewel tones like emerald, cobalt, royal purple and bold red as well as bright vivid hues like aqua, bright pink, turquoise and coral. Steer clear of pastels - as they wash out medium skin tones. Check out bright prints as well, as seen with the Sunset Boulevard print on the right! Shop something similar here.
Colors to stock up on: Ivory, black, gold, taupe, camel, beige, olive, blush, cranberry, burnt sienna, teal, evergreen, granite, amber, cobalt, emerald, red, turquoise, coral, bright pink and aqua.  
Dark Skin
Depending on what shade of dark skin you have, I'd venture to say that dark skin is the most versatile of all skin tones. Be careful with camels or mocha that literally blend in to your actual skin tone and opt for ivory and gold over white and silver.
One of our lovely ladies from HH Spotted Club is sporting two different colors - on the left she is in the Everyday Chiffon Hijab in Dark Olive; and on the right she is wearing the Premium Jersey HIjab in Light Mink.
Whether it's bright, muted, neutral or pastel - almost all solid colors compliment dark skin with ease. Check out how classy the Premium Jersey in Jet Black looks on the stunning lady on the left, while on the right the Sunset Boulevard print brightens the face with a bold, jeweled pink color.
Colors to stock up on: Ivory, black, gold, rich brown, dark blue, cranberry, raspberry, violet, hunter green, amber, blush, rose quartz, mauve, aqua, bright pink, marigold and orchid. Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them below and don't forget to shop the solids that suit YOU best!
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