Color Theory, Figuring Out Our Skin Tone and Choosing Hijabs That Help Us Look & Feel Good
Jul 13, 2023
What do you think of when you hear the words “color theory”?
Is it about going back to grade school and art classes to understand how the color wheel works? What colors do you mix to get other colors? Is it about understanding color harmony – what colors go nicely with other colors? Is it about emotions? What colors evoke which emotions and why? Or is it about understanding the different contexts in which color can be used and applied to our lives, from what we wear to how we decorate our homes and everything in between?
Is it about understanding our own skin tone and seasonal skin tones and which colors compliment us? Which ones can brighten us? Which ones can bring peace to us?
If you like to scroll through Instagram, Tik Tok and other social media platforms, you may have seen many people in the fashion industry as well as influencers and, well, a variety of people talk about color theory. They may also have seen a professional color theorist to help understand their own psychology and skin tone as it pertains to color.
All this to figure out what colors they gravitate towards and which ones they feel good in. (Well, that’s one of the big reasons why people see color theorists.)
Image source: Art Bar blog
One cannot cover all there is to know in one post about color theory and how it pertains to our own psychology and what will probably look good on us or help us feel good about ourselves. But here at Haute Hijab, we’re acutely aware of how choosing various hijab colors and how we wear our hijabs (what we pair them with) helps us feel confident, comfortable, beautiful and a whole host of other emotions.
Our hijabs frame our face, and our face is what is visible to everyone around us and to ourselves. And, one of the most frequently asked questions Melanie receives (and that we receive through our customer service team) is –will this hijab color look good on me?
And thus understanding some basic things regarding warm, cool and neutral skin tones and how that relates to color theory and complimentary colors can only help you in figuring out what will look good on you.
With that in mind, we’ve got two tools to help you.
1. Our Hijabi’s guide to understanding skin tone and picking a complimentary hijab color. We developed this blog post several years ago after researching how to determine one’s skin tone and how that relates to different colors and have since revamped this post with updated research and imagery a few times.
2. This easy-to-follow and image-friendly post from WikiHow that helps you determine (based on a number of factors) if your skin tone is neutral, warm or cool. This guide then helps you understand what “season” is your season of color. Part two of the guide helps explain what colors work well for different skin tones (including how some colors look good on EVERYBODY). It even explains what jewelry will work best with your particular skin tone.
Image source: Art of Education
It’s important to note that at the end of the day, picking a hijab color (and fabric) is a highly individualistic choice, and if you like a particular colored hijab or a print, regardless if it “works” within the realm of color theory and skin tones, just go for it! Understanding your skin tone and how color theory meshes with it is an extremely useful tool to help us understand what looks good on us and why.
But at the end of the day, if you like something, get it!
The psychology of color and how color makes us feel.
We’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about how different colors make us feel, and therefore how that can influence what hijabs we may want to bring into our lives. With our new summer Chiffon colors that recently dropped, our social media manager Mona created these beautiful infographics explaining what colors tend to evoke what emotions.
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With this knowledge, Insha’Allah you can (if you want) choose colors to reflect your own emotions (or help bring you to that emotional state) as well as project those feelings in the company around you. Want to exude confidence and happiness? Try wearing shades of yellow! Going for an event where you want people to know you’re a reliable and responsible person? Consider shades of blue for your hijab!
We hope that armed with this information, you can choose hijabs for yourself from our vast array of colors that will make you happy, look good on you and help evoke the feelings you want to evoke!
And as always, we are here to help! Reach out to us at

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