Whether You’re a Hijabi or Not, This Ramadan Fit/Hijab Inspo Is For You!
Mar 16, 2023
Fact: If you’re a Muslim woman, it’s most likely you’ll wear hijab at some point in your life, whether as the occasion arises, on a part-time basis or as a full-time covered woman. What do we mean by this? If we don’t wear hijab on the regular, we do reach for a hijab when we pray our regular salah, or go to tarawih prayers at the masjid, attend Eid prayers or perhaps when we go to a religious event.
If you wear a hijab as needed, you may not be aware of all the different options out there by way of fabric and style. Sometimes, we give so much care and attention to what we are wearing but forget to give that same care to our hijab - especially if we’re wearing it as the occasion warrants.
Here at Haute Hijab, we want to help you shift that mode of thinking. Your hijab is an important part of your entire ensemble, whether you wear it full time, part time or whenever you need to. And, as you prepare for Ramadan and plan for your salah, tarawih, Jummah prayers, Eid prayers, iftar get-togethers and more, you’ll want to make sure you have your wardrobe and hijabs ready.
(Here are three ways you can make sure your garments and hijabs are ready for Ramadan.)
So, what kind of hijab should you wear with different outfits? Keep reading to find out!
1. An Iftar Event – Maxi Dress with a Chiffon + Underscarf or Bamboo Woven
Chiffon hijab is on the top, Ultimate Underscarf in the middle and Woven hijab on the bottom.
Whether we’re hosting our own iftar, going to an iftar at a friend’s house or at your local mosque, pairing a classic long-sleeve maxi dress with a chiffon or woven hijab is a great way to go. If you want to secure your hijab before leaving home and wear it for the entire iftar event, our sleek Everyday Chiffon paired with one of our Ultimate Underscarves is a great option. For those who are new to chiffon but want that polished look, try one of our Recycled Chiffons, which gives a little more grip.
(Struggling to properly wear a hijab? Here’s a foolproof breakdown in bite-sized steps.)
One other way to go, especially if you want to wear your hijab just at fast-breaking or salah time, is to wear one of our Bamboo Wovens. These beauties can be draped around your neck and then worn to cover your hair when you need to.
2. Tarawih – An Abaya with a Jersey or Bamboo Woven
Jersey hijab is on the top and Woven hijab is on the bottom.
One of the best parts about having 1-2 abayas as your tarawih fallback is that it looks elegant and can cover whatever you are wearing. (We’ve ALL seen the pajama bottoms peeking out underneath an abaya. 🙂) When you’re in a hurry after breaking your fast to head to tarawih, or if you’re having iftar and praying Maghreb and tarawih at the mosque, an abaya can be your best friend.
When you buy an abaya, many come with some sort of chiffon hijab. But we suggest, especially if you don’t wear hijab on the regular, that you pair it with a matching Jersey hijab or a Bamboo Woven. Our Jersey hijabs have the perfect amount of stretch and sheen to give it a polished look while making it super easy to wrap with no pins. If you’re looking for something a little lighter and more breathable go for one of our Bamboo Wovens. It feels great on your head and can also be secured with our No-Snag Hijab Magnet (or with no magnets or pins)
Check out the inspo above and get the look here: Abaya | Jersey Hijab in Mocha | Woven Hijab in Taupe
3. Friday/Jummah Prayers – Abaya with a Bamboo Woven
We’re going with an abaya again for Jummah prayers, and here’s why: Let’s say you’re a working woman. Being able to throw on an abaya over your clothes as you go to the mosque from work is a great solution to get into salah mode for Jummah prayers. In any situation, wearing an abaya over whatever you have on to the mosque is a wonderful way to make sure you are in a prayerful state of mind and in designated salah clothes. Pair this with a Bamboo Woven, which can be wrapped loosely or tightly and tucked into your abaya, and you’re good to go!
We know black is the go-to color for an abaya, but if you're willing to bring some color into your life, go for it!
Check out this inspo and get the look here: Abaya | Woven Hijab in Terracotta
4. Religious Gathering – A Co-Ord set with a Printed Woven
Maybe you’ll be attending an iftar for someone’s first fast. Maybe you’ll be invited to a halaqa or some sort of lecture. There are all sorts of deen-related events where we may want a hijab to wear. Try availing the ongoing trend of beautiful co-ords (monochromatic tops and bottoms) with one of our Woven Prints, which gives you the ability to easily wrap your hijab and add some pop and interest to your outfit!
Check out the inspo above and get a similar look here: Co-Ord Crewneck Top | Jogger | Woven Print Hijab in Ottoman Star
5. Eid Prayers – A Desi Kurta/Pant with a Chiffon or Bamboo Woven
Chiffon hijab is on the top and Woven hijab is on the bottom.
We’re going full-on Desi for this last outfit to show some love to our South Asian family!
It doesn’t matter what your cultural background is, many of us spend a while thinking about what we want to wear for Eid ul Fitr. Eid is a time for celebration and looking our best, and this can take some planning to make sure you have your outfit ready AND the best hijab to pull it all together when you go for prayers. For those of us who are South Asian (or if you just love this type of an outfit), who wear some variation of kurta/shalwar/pyjama/pant outfits for Eid, this definitely can take advanced planning to find what you want and order it to your size or have it sewn to your size.
And all too often, if we don’t wear hijab on the regular, we can forget to give importance to making sure we have the right hijab to go with our outfit!
Ladies, you may want to rely on your dupatta that comes with your desi outfit to wear for Eid salah, but those dupattas can be too big, slippery and unmanageable over your hair. Trust us on this one – get yourself a complimenting hijab! We suggest one of our Everyday Chiffons (with an Ultimate Underscarf) if you want to secure your hijab before you leave home, or one of our Bamboo Wovens if you want to wear it loose and put your hijab on just for salah or namaz.
Check out the inspo above and get the look here: Desi Outfit | Chiffon Hijab in Petal | Woven Hijab in Grapefruit
The takeaway here? Take time to think about your hijab like you do your whole outfits for these different occasions and events in Ramadan. You’ll want to feel comfortable, elegant and beautiful from top to bottom, and this means prioritizing your hijabs and making sure you have the best ones!
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