3 Ways You Can Prepare Your Hijabs and Wardrobe for Ramadan
Mar 18, 2022
The author looking fierce in 3 Ramadan-ready looks featuring the HH Woven in Ivory.
Ramadan is just around the corner, and many Muslims view this holy month as a time for growth in our relationship with Allah (S). We work on shedding bad habits and replacing them with good habits that nourish the soul and refresh the mind. We increase our worship during the month of Ramadan, particularly by sacrificing certain comforts and luxuries we regularly enjoy throughout the year.
One of the acts of worship we can work on improving in Ramadan (and throughout the year), as men and women, is our practice of modesty, both physically and mentally. For Muslim women especially, this is physically manifested in the way that many of us cover our bodies in hijab. Prayer is central to our daily worship as Muslims, and in Ramadan, prayer also becomes a condition for fasting.
In order to perform prayer, we must dress properly and don the hijab. Some women who wear hijab on the regular may have the goal to dress in an even more full-coverage style during Ramadan so that they can always be ready for prayer. Women who may only wear hijab for prayer may commit to wearing it regularly during Ramadan, and still others who choose not wear hijab (outside of prayer), whether in Ramadan or not, may want to have a full-coverage prayer garment on-hand to be able to pray on the go.
Whatever your hijab choices are for this Ramadan, the modest fashion community is here to make it all easier for you. So, just like we prep our spiritual worship, our children, our homes, our iftar menus and more for Ramadan, here are a few tips I’ve been loving that can help you to prep your wardrobe for Ramadan:
1. Wash and iron your Haute Hijab Bamboo Wovens, or get yourself some if you don't have any!
The author is wearing the Bamboo Woven in Navy.
Sometimes the solution is hanging right there in your closet already! I am a huge fan of the Haute Hijab Bamboo Wovens for coverage and draped styles. Some of you may already have a growing collection of these, and if you don’t, I suggest you try them out! How are they great for prayer?
  • They offer coverage around the arms, back and chest.
  • They are opaque, so you can drape them around your body with no need to double the fabric.
  • They are non-slippery, so no need to worry about them falling off your head due to silkiness.
Woven Print - Fearless Leopard
The Fearless Leopard Hijab features a classic leopard print with elegant rosettes on our sustainably produced and ultra-soft bamboo woven fabric. It features all of bamboo's powerful benefits including built-in sun protection, breathability, anti-bacterial properties and superior moisture wicking for a fresh, comfortable feeling.
If you already own some of the Wovens (whether in maxi or regular size), take the time to wash them, iron them and place them in strategic areas, such as that corner in your house where you usually pray or a drawer in your desk at work. The Woven Prints are also a fantastic option for looking your best while you pray. The time you take to prepare your hijabs for prayer might be just the dose of mindfulness you need to stay on top of prayers this Ramadan.
Here’s a tutorial I created to show just how modestly these hijabs cover the body. I focus on the maxi size in this tutorial, but you can get pretty good coverage with the standard Woven size as well.
2. Get yourself a prayer garment
L-R: The author wearing the Cover me Cutee Rawdah abaya, and wearing the Serenity Scarves one-piece prayer scarf
Whether you wear hijab full-time or not, having a clean, full-coverage prayer garment is a necessity. If you have one, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing at prayer time. You can easily slip this on over your outfit to be sure that you are properly covered and ready for prayer. You can keep a clean prayer garment at home, at your workplace and even in the car.
Imagine you’re out grocery shopping between Asr and Maghreb, and you experience an unexpected delay. You still have 10 minutes to pray, but you end up missing prayer because you didn’t have the proper clothing to pray in. If you had a convenient prayer garment in the car, it would be a lifesaver.
Having a prayer garment handy, even if you wear hijab full-time, is a great way to get in the prayerful state of mind. That pause in your day when you make your intention for prayers can be elevated by putting on your prayer garment. I suggest the Rawdah prayer abaya, a super soft one-piece prayer garment from Cover Me Cutee, which you can customize according to your height. She also has a kids’ version that can be made for your little ones.
I also have been loving this silky one-piece prayer scarf from Serenity Scarves because of how flowy the fabric is. When I slip it on, it truly helps to give me a serene mood for prayer.
3. Clean out your wardrobe.
It’s springtime, and around this time of year many of us get the urge to clean things out and hit refresh.
(Check out this story about the Islamic reasons to spring clean your home, and this story about how to spring clean your intentions.)
Ramadan and spring almost exactly coincide this year, so it’s a great time to take a look at your wardrobe and do some sorting. If you’re hoping to dress more modestly this Ramadan, put aside the items that do not serve that purpose. Take them off the hangers and put them in a shopping bag in another location, maybe a storage room.
Maybe you’d like to put away those tight-fitting jeans that look really great on you, but are not something you’d like to wear this Ramadan with your new modesty goals. Exchange them with looser-fitting trousers, and put those jeans out of sight, out of mind.
The author serves up a dose of beautiful modest style!
Alternatively, think of ways to re-style more modestly those items that don’t serve your Ramadan 2022 wardrobe goals. For example, those tighter-fitting jeans may still be worn with longer, loose-fitting tops, or that v-neck blouse you love can be worn with a hijab style that deliberately drapes across the chest. Think about what you’re trying to achieve and remove the impediments. Replace those impediments with enablers, even if that means purchasing a few things. I would suggest checking out abayas from Alma by Rahma and A.Sumayah Shop.
To take this a step further, play around with combinations of different pieces in a pre-Ramadan personal styling session. This styling session will bring you so much ease because when Ramadan starts, you’ve already set yourself up for modest wardrobe success.
Let’s also remember – modesty starts on the inside. It is a faith-driven practice that encompasses belief in the heart as well as actions and behaviors. In this month, as we strive to purify our souls by fasting, we pray that Allah (S) makes it that much easier for us to also rectify our behaviors.
Which of these tips will you be trying out this Ramadan? Let us know how you’ll be preparing your wardrobe in the comments below!
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