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16 Foolproof Steps on How to Wear a Hijab!
Nov 11, 2019
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Guest Contributor
guest writer
By Danah Shuli
Let’s face it – wearing a hijab isn’t as easy as it looks. Sure, we can wrap it around our head in any number of ways, but to wear it in a way where you feel secure, modest, covered, beautiful and confident takes practice and some know-how. Most of us who wear hijab went through a learning curve. Whether you are a long-time hijabi or just starting out (ESPECIALLY if you are new to hijab), trying to figure out how to wear hijab can be challenging, especially with the various fabrics, textures and shapes out there. From prepping your hair to having the right tools to making the final touches, this step-by-step guide is here to help you. Grab your favorite hijab (and a few other things), and let’s get started! (Be sure to click the arrow on the right of the photos to move through the steps!)
For the purposes of this gallery, we will be showcasing how to wear the classic, everyday wrap (rectangle).
Things you will need:
  • Hair scrunchies | hair ties
  • Bobby pins (optional)
  • Underscarf of choice (optional)
  • Hijab of choice
  • No-snag hijab pins or safety pins
  • Straight hijab pins
  • (Our model is Creative Director Gizelle Begler. Photos taken by Video Editor Frankie Turiano. In these photos, Gizelle is modeling our Georgette Slate Blue Hijab and Ivory Crisscross Ultimate Underscarf.)
    STEP 1 - Intention | Niyyah
    Start by renewing your intentions. A lot of times we just put it on and go with no further thought, but pausing to make good intentions in wearing hijab, as in everything else we do, can be so beneficial and centering. Wearing the hijab can come with it’s own set of hardships, especially in this day and age. It is important for us to remind ourselves why we are performing this act of worship each and every day. By doing so, we ask Allah (S) to protect us and guide us.
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