10 of Your Favorite, Most Versatile Go-To Hijabs for Travel or to Wear Any Day
Jun 20, 2022
Our blog writer Danah Shuli wears a Chiffon Print as one of her go-to hijabs when traveling.
Are you headed out to do some travel this summer? Take a vacation, whether a weekend trip or a longer jaunt to somewhere hopefully fun and relaxing? What to pack is always the question, especially in trying to figure out which hijabs to take to go with multiple outfits. (Check out Danah's excellent post about how to create a hijab capsule to smartly pack your hijabs for your outfits.)
So we wondered – if you could only take ONE Haute hijab with you when traveling, which would it be and why? You gave us some great responses (and food for thought). Check out what you all had to say!
1. Square Everyday Chiffon Hijab in Blush goes with everything plus lightweight.
Well, we can't argue with this choice! Our Blush hijab is a great neutral to pair with so many outfits. And if square isn't your size, swap for a rectangle!
2. Oooh, only one? So hard. Classic Black [Everyday] Chiffon in square :)
Another great choice. Black goes with pretty much anything, so if you could only have one hijab, it's a great color choice. And chiffon is great in travel - it doesn't wrinkle and you can wash and drip-dry with ease.
Everyday Chiffon in Black
3. Light Mink Jersey it's versatile, needs no underscarf, easy to style, comfy. That hijab is LIFE.
Can't argue with this. Our Jersey in Light Mink is one of our bestsellers for a reason, and the ability to style with no pins and no underscarf is a win-win all around.
4. Rainbow Sorbet in Printed Chiffon.
Ok, so the Rainbow Sorbet is sold out, but we love where this is going. Picking a print that can be, as Danah describes in her post, a "print neutral," is a great option as your one hijab for travel. By a "print neutral," she means is a print hijab with a multi-colored geometric or floral print on a solid background that can go with a variety of outfits. Consider the Summer Orchid Chiffon Print.
5. Bamboo Woven in Sand Perfect for the heat and matches everything!
We're so happy one of you picked a Woven for your one go-to hijab! Wovens are one of our favorite hijabs for summer temps + travel. It's breathable, airy and easy to wrap without pins or with just a magnet. Sand (or even camel) is a great color choice as a neutral that goes with pretty much everything!
Our Woven in Camel is a great option as your one and only!
6. Two hijabs Ivory in the Everyday Chiffon plus the [Tech] Wrap! It matches everything and is super comfy.
We couldn't agree more. the Ivory or Winter White in Everyday Chiffon screams summer and goes with so much. And, as Noor writes in her love letter to the HH Tech Wrap, this sport hijab helps keep you cool, goes with so many outfits and is great for travel.
7. Cocoa Chiffon because I look like fire in it and feel like I could conquer anything.
Um, yes Queen!
8. Bamboo Woven in Faded Black blends with most colors I wear, is made up of a breathable fabric and has multiple style opportunities.
This woman is definitely not wrong. Our Bamboo Wovens are quite breathable and can be tucked, draped and wrapped in so many styles. Plus the Faded Black is a great neutral for a relaxed summer.
Our Woven in Faded Black
9. Silk-Blend Satin Underscarf for no oil stains.
Ok, so this isn't a hijab, but if you only could take one underscarf with you for travel, this is a great one to choose. It protects your hair, doesn't let oil seep through and is especially great for natural hair texture.
10. My Black Jersey, because it is easy to wear and goes with everything.
Enough said.
What would be your go-to Haute hijab, if you could only take one with you when traveling? Share with us in the comments below!
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