Ode to My Tech Wrap, or Why I Haven’t Taken Off My Sport Hijab in Weeks!
Jun 8, 2022
Noor Suleiman
staff writer
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Haute Hijab Marketing Manner Noor Suleiman wearing the Tech Wrap in Rose from our HH Sport Collection.
Confession: I’ve been wearing my sport hijab (the tech wrap) exclusively (minus the days we’re invited to a party or something) for about 2.5 months now (if not more). Before your mind goes there – yes, of course I take it off when I get home. Don’t be gross! But anytime I’m out, that’s the hijab I reach for.
Why? It’s magic. It’s life changing. It’s everything I could ever want in a go-to hijab. Let me tell you why.
First, you need to understand my day-to-day lifestyle: I’m a work-from-home mom of two kids ages almost seven and three-and-a-half. (They have corrected me when I said six and three on more than one occasion, haha.) And as any mom knows, I double as their chauffeur. Between school pickups and drop offs, play dates, sports and more, I’m always on the go, especially now that the weather’s warmer.
So with all the in-and-out I do in my day, I end up putting on and taking off my hijab a million times. When I reach for it to step out again, I want it to be easy, low maintenance, require little to no pins, and be something I can throw on and go but not look like a hot mess.
HH's Noor Suleiman wearing the Tech Wrap in Rose.
Enter the Tech Wrap from our Haute Hijab Sport Collection. You guys. It’s everythinggggg.
It’s incredibly soft, light and breathable, and it is super moisture wicking. I’ve worn it in 95 degree weather during soccer games, I’ve worn it out through rain and sunshine, and it has yet to make me feel mucky, extra sticky or wet and soppy. It dries so quickly and doesn’t make me overheat, which is a MUST for me. Remember, low maintenance is what I’m looking for here – and this is as low maintenance as it gets. I literally don’t have to worry or think about my hijab while I’m wearing it.
You know how the product description says the fabric cools you by 1-2 degrees celsius? Yeah, that’s true! Just take me to a spa, why don’t you?! Suchhhhh a light and cooling tech fabric. I’ve definitely noticed a difference when I wear this hijab versus when I wear different fabrics on super hot days.
Also on the low maintenance front: I literally throw it on, secure it with a magnet and go. No other pins necessary, and not a single time do I find myself fidgeting with it or fixing it while I’m out. It’s so comfortable, but also looks super cute!
Tech Wrap - Rose
The Tech Sport Wrap gives you all the cooling, odor-repellant and fast-drying benefits of our revolutionary S.Café textile in a perfectly-sized wrap for versatile styling. The ultra-light fabric feels weightless, with a just-right amount of stretch to ensure comfort perfect for workouts and casual days alike. Wear it alone or pair it with our Tech Sport Cap.
I exclusively wore the Rose Tech Wrap for about two to three weeks – and somehow I got it to match every single thing I wore. As all of you who are fans of neutral-color hijabs (like our Light Mink in Jersey or Rose Quartz in Woven) know, this particular type of color goes with so many things we wear.
By week three I figured it was time to finally throw it in the laundry, but it didn’t smell bad at alllllll! Then I switched to my Carbon Tech Wrap, and it pretty much matched everything too. (Carbon and shades of gray are another beautiful neutral that you can pair with so many outfits.) I’ve just been rotating between them, and I don’t really foresee that stopping all summer.
If you haven’t tried this hijab yet, I honestly don’t know what you are waiting for. It will change your life. I got all my friends to switch to the HH Tech Wrap as their new go-to hijab. You’ll never have to worry or think about wearing hijab in the heat again. Welcome to a new era of hijab. Just throw it on, and go live your best summer life girl!
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