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Solve the Problem of Packing too Many Hijabs by Creating a Hijab Capsule
Jun 17, 2022
Danah Shuli
contributing writer
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HH blog writer Danah Shuli models the Summer Orchid hijab
Danah Shuli
contributing writer
The most tedious part of travel, in my opinion, is the packing. From picking the right outfits, accessories and shoes to planning ahead what you’d like to wear and figuring out which hijabs to take from your collection, it can be a daunting task. My family and I are doing quite a bit of traveling this summer, which has required me to think critically as I prepare and pack in order to ensure a light load.
Enter in my travel packing solution: A hijab capsule collection.
What is a capsule collection? In the fashion world, it’s a condensed version of a designer’s vision for a collection, often a limited edition of a collection that focuses on being functional rather than trendy. The term has been opted as a way to create a collection of anything that can be more timeless and used over and over - like creating a capsule collection of Eid decor that you slowly add to and use every year.
I knew I wanted to create a hijab capsule collection by selecting hijabs that were staples in my wardrobe, versatile and able to go with various pieces of clothing. It’s also important to consider the timeline of your trip and the amenities you will have available. Will you have access to a washer in order to clean your hijabs? Or will you need to have a few extra on hand? These are all important things to keep in mind to avoid ending up with a shortage or surplus of hijabs in your luggage.
Weekend Getaway
This is naturally your shortest type of trip that you may take over the summer or throughout the year. It could be a much needed girls trip to reconnect with the women in your life, an anniversary trip without the kids to recharge with your spouse, or even just a solo trip for self rediscovery.
Power Play Hijab (Chiffon Print)
My sisters, cousin and I just got back from a girls weekend trip. I was away for three days and two nights, for which I packed three outfits and two hijabs. This did not include my travel outfit as well as my go-to for day-to-day activities and travel, which is the tech sport wrap.
Ideally, packing one hijab that would go well with all three outfits would be the most efficient, however I always like to be prepared and pack a backup hijab that will also go well with my chosen clothing. The outfits I picked out for our weekend getaway were plain, so I packed two printed square chiffons to add a fun pattern to my ensemble. The key to packing a printed hijab for a trip is for the print pattern and colors to be versatile and for the print to be “neutral.”
How can a print be neutral? I envision this as a print hijab that easily can be paired with various outfits, even if those outfits have some pattern on them. Print hijabs with a solid-colored background and a print that is spread out or in subtle patterns, perhaps sparse florals or abstract shapes, like the one I packed for the weekend getaway. This is what I envision a neutral print to be.
Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints with your hijab and clothing. For example, a simple pinstripe button up or subtle design on a dress are great options to add a pop of design with your hijab.
Danah’s versatile and neutral print picks: Summer Orchard Hijab | Power Play Hijab
One-Two Week Vacation
For medium length trips, I recommend packing at least four to six hijabs of different fabrics. You’ll want to have at least two good prints to switch between like I explain above. Having neturals handy as well as some pops of color will also help you style your hijabs in various ways. A great way to reuse the same hijab with multiple outfits is to play around with your accessories and make up to dress up, or dress down your look.
Sunbeam in Woven
My new favorite summertime hijab is the Sunbeam bamboo woven. It’s the most perfect shade of pastel yellow that can be dressed up with a printed wide leg pant and button up shirt for dinner, or dressed down with a summer dress and jean jacket for a day out on the boardwalk.
Haute Hijab’s newly released wovens in bright and neutral shades of summer are must haves for your travels. They are also made of the softest and most light bamboo woven fabric that will leave you feeling light and airy throughout the hot summer months. I also recommend the camel woven, a personal favorite that I have loved switching up with all of my clothing regardless of the season or type of travel. Don’t underestimate the versatility of a good shade of white or cream (like this Everyday Chiffon in Ivory) as well!
Hijab care hack: If you happen to get a stain on your hijab and don’t have access to a washing machine, try an Oxy stain stick or a Tide to go stain stick using light pressure and hand wash your hijab, then drip dry outside or by hanging over the shower. You can run steam in the shower to help smooth out your Woven (if no iron is available).
Summer-Long Excursion
If you are someone like me who spends their summers with family for an extended period of time, then you know it is hard to keep your packing minimal. It is a work in progress for me, but I feel like I have come a long way and have done better with packing my hijabs and carefully putting together a capsule wardrobe for the summer in order to ensure my limited hijab selection will go well with the outfits I’ve chosen.
If you are spending an extended amount of time out of town then you more than likely will have access to a washer. Keep this in mind when packing to avoid the urge to overpack your hijabs (and outfits). I would plan to pack a total of eight to ten hijabs. Include a mix of neutrals, prints and color as well as a variety of your favorite fabrics. My personal go-to’s are square chiffon (plain and printed), bamboo wovens and jersey.
Perfect Satin Hijab in Gold
Fit for a queen. Our satin comes in a medium-thick weight with a liquid shine and gorgeous drape that’s a must for formal events and everyday glam. It comes in a must-have gold hue that pairs with literally anything in your closet.
Find out ahead of time if there are any parties or larger social gatherings you will be attending, and make sure you pack your hijab for that (maybe a versatile Champagne, Silver or Gold from the HH Perfect Satin Collection).
I hope this post has helped you rethink your packing strategy and given you some guidance when selecting your hijabs for your upcoming trip. Have a safe and fun time on your travels!
What are your hijab packing trips for trips and vacations? Share with us in the comments below! We would love to see you rocking your HH this summer, so be sure to tag #HHSpottedClub on social media!
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