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The June Edit – Bringing Verve & Excitement to Your Hijab Collection Through Color
Jun 4, 2021
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
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Haute Hijab Bamboo Woven in Daffodil
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
How do you feel about color in your hijab wardrobe? Are you someone who travels the path of neutrals, loving your light minks, blacks, buttercream and taupe hijabs? Are you a fan of a certain color palette, tending to perhaps enjoy the realm of rosy pinks and a warm rosewood? Or, are you that “anything goes” lady who never met a color she wasn’t willing to try?
Our monthly edits generally are a deep dive into one of our products – what makes that hijab or hijab accessory unique, some interesting things you may not know and styling tips. With the anticipation of more in-person events and social gatherings this summer as the number of vaccinated people continue to wax COVID numbers (Insha’Allah) continue to wane, we wanted to focus on color! We feel like most of us are ready to bring some color back into various areas of our lives.
Our hijabs can be one of them!
Haute Hijab has released a beautiful array of spring and summer colors across various hijab categories – including our Chiffons, Jerseys, Wovens and Ultimate Underscarves – that are sure to bring some verve, joie de vivre and excitement to your summer wardrobe! What are the new colors? How are these colors chosen? Let’s get into it!
Color Your World With Bamboo Wovens!
There are four gorgeous new colors in our Wovens: Turkish Blue, Sand, Daffodil and Lilac. Each of these colors was carefully chosen by our Merchandising Manager Justine Sarhadi. Three of these colors – Sand, Turkish Blue and Lilac – were among the top selling colors in our Wovens category, with Sand being the top seller. And, all of these colors are featured in our fashion writer Rowayda’s piece about how to pair these lovely new colors with complementary outfit colors to take the guesswork out of it!
Bamboo Woven - Lilac
The wovens you know and love, but better. We've upgraded them with a sustainably-processed bamboo woven fabric that feels like soft cotton. It features all of bamboo's powerful benefits including built-in sun protection, breathability, anti-bacterial properties and superior moisture wicking for a fresh, comfortable feeling.
Choosing these colors is a labor of love for Justine. She starts by researching color trends for the season. “I look at current fashion shows – both domestic and international. I look at interior design inspo as well as fabric and paint trends,” she says.
“Next I go through our current assortment [of hijabs] and see where we have a hole or an opportunity to add freshness. If there is a need, I take out my handy dandy swatch book and literally go through every color/hue variant of that shrde and pick which color I think will do best,” Justine says.
Outside of the new colors, our Bamboo Wovens offers a host of other fresh and stunning hijabs that are sure to enhance any of your looks this summer. Some of our staff faves include Rose Mauve, Camel and Sage!
A Pop of Fresh Color With Premium Jerseys
Premium Jersey - Periwinkle
Not your ordinary jersey hijab. Our cult-favorite premium jersey is super-soft, effortless and made to last. It comes in a medium blue hue with just a hint of purple that's wonderfully versatile. Say hello to your new go-to.
Our Premium Jersey hijab line has five new colors for your hijab-wearing enjoyment this spring/summer season: Violet Grey, Periwinkle, Bisque, Powder Pink and Sea Glass. As you can see, three of these colors overlap with three of the new Wovens colors (Violet Grey with Lilac, Bisque with Sand and Periwinkle with Turkish Blue) This is also a color strategy Justine implements to try and accommodate a family of colors across a variety of hijab categories.
“You’ll notice that some fabrics don’t have the [exact same] color options. That’s because different color dyes take to fabrics differently. So an Ivory in Chiffon versus Jersey or Woven won’t come out the same,” Justine says. So we test options of each [color] code … all with varying degrees of dye in it to see what color comes out the best.”
Outside of these fresh new spring/summer colors, Light Mink, Buttercream and Rose Quartz continue to be best sellers and wearable on many different occasions and outfit colors. The Dark Olive in Jersey is a “Mel’s pick” (favorite of Melanie’s), and we are seriously fangirling on Wisteria, Adobe Rose, Dark Honey and Deep Fig. :)
Chiffons and Ultimate Underscarves For The Win
Recycled Chiffon - Silver Mauve
Produced in partnership with Waste2Wear, our recycled chiffon hijabs are made from 7 - 8 recycled plastic bottles to help reduce our carbon footprint while giving you the same sleek, polished look that's as light, crisp, and easy to care for as our signature chiffons you know and love.
Recently we dropped a whole bevy of new and existing colors with our Recycled Chiffon line (learn the cool science, tech and sustainability properties of these hijabs here), including Rosewood, Adobe Rose, Silver Mauve (again with that lilac family!), Ballet Slipper, Blush, Pearl and Sage. And, we also dropped some fresh new colors (Sienna, Stone, Mushroom and Mink) with the next generation of our Ultimate Underscarves (click here to read about how listening to your feedback helped fuel this new generation) that are sure to suit your colorful style!
The options are endless when it comes to fresh new colors for the spring/summer season! We’ve put a lot of thought into choosing what we hope are exciting new options for you based on the latest in color trends and technology, and we hope (if you haven’t already) you’ll take the color plunge!
What colors do you want us to carry? And in which hijab categories? Let us know in the comments below!
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