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Color Your World With New Vibrant Hijab Hues and Coordinating Outfit Palettes
Jun 2, 2021
Rowayda Kawji
contributing writer
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Image source: Haute Hijab
Rowayda Kawji
contributing writer
Spring is morphing into summer, and with it comes all the beautiful, fun shades of spring/summer fashion. Haute Hijab has been paying attention to the latest in color trends and has you covered with their new shades of your favorite hijabs. Below, we make it easy for you to put together outfits by showing you which colors would pair nicely with each new HH hijab color.
Shades of Blush in Bamboo Woven or Chiffon
Blush in Bamboo Woven
This blush shade is the perfect warm neutral and would work perfectly with warm spring colors like bright pink or purple. Because this shade is so neutral, it would also pair well with the season’s trendiest colors, yellow and lime green. For a bag or shoes, a deep chocolatey brown would accentuate this hijab beautifully.
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Shades of Daffodil in Bamboo Woven
Bamboo Woven in Daffodil
This stunning shade is reminiscent of blowing dandelions on a sunny spring day and sunny daffodils that herald the coming of spring. The pale yellow shade matches well with mustard tones and warm orange shades. A neutral taupe or deep brown would be an equally beautiful, albeit more neutral route.
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Shades of Lilac in Chiffon, Jersey and Bamboo Woven
Chiffon in Iris
Another trendy color, lilac (or pale violet) would be a beautiful hue to add to white spring maxis or casual spring looks. Think linens and wide-leg pants. Cool mauves or even bright blues are a match made in springtime heaven. For a bolder look, opt for a peachy pink or royal purple to pair with this hijab color.
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Shades of Teal in Chiffon, Bamboo Woven and Jersey
Bamboo Woven in Turkish Blue
This gorgeous hue will have you matching the sky on a clear summer day. To add some sun to that sky, accent your look with pale yellow. Alternatively, any pastel like baby blue, lime green, or pale pink, would pair beautifully. For a more subdued look, a deep mauve would add an element of sophistication without being too bright. We included Jersey in this list because although it’s Peacock shade is not new and is more vibrant (and bluer) than teal, it also pairs well with these colors.
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Shades of Sand in Chiffon, Bamboo Woven and Jersey
Bamboo Woven in Sand
A true neutral, sand is a staple shade that matches with pretty much anything from warmer neutrals to deep purples to brighter colors like teal, green, or even fuchsia. If you’ve filled your spring wardrobe with bright, colorful outfits, sand is a great neutral to have on hand to complete your spring looks.
Shop here: Bamboo Woven | Chiffon | Jersey
Shades of Silver Mauve in Chiffon
Chiffon in Silver Mauve
A must-have for those who gravitate towards cool tones, silver mauve is a gorgeous gray that is cool enough to pair with vibrant sage tones, neutrals and warm shades of pink. This color can be worn with so many different shades and hues and is definitely a staple.
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Shades of Rosewood in Chiffon and Jersey
Chiffon in Adobe Rose
The perfect mix between pink and nude, rosewood gives you all the femininity while still being neutral enough to pair with anything from baby pinks to burnt oranges. This season, brown is certainly the new black and rosewood suits brown tones so well. We included a Jersey option in Adobe Rose here as well, although it isn’t a new color, because it works beautifully with this color palette!
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Shades of Pale Pink in Everyday Chiffon, Recycled Chiffon and Jersey
Chiffon in Ballet Slipper
Arguably the prettiest shade in this lineup, pale pink is the perfect match for all pastels but also fun pops of color like hot pink or purple. This color is a versatile mix of bright and pale and will flatter more of your outfits than you might expect! Try pairing your pale pink Haute hijabs with these beautiful colors!
Haute hijabs come in colors that you can wear over and over again, colors that you will reach for countless times because you’ll find they go with everything. We hope these fresh new color palettes will inspire you to wear these new shades or the ones you already own but in new ways!
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