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What Movements Matter to You? What Movements Should Matter to All of Us?
Nov 4, 2020
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
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Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
If there is one thing that the past year (and the years before that) have taught us, it’s that one of the few things in our control is how we react to the world around us and what we decide is worth fighting for, worth supporting, what truly matters to us. Every one of us has something to give for the betterment of our communities, whether that’s cultivating and maintaining good neighborly relationships and friendships or becoming involved in whatever charitable and social justice movements important to you.
What movements matter to you? What are the movements that should matter to all of us?
Between fighting to recognize science during a global pandemic and global warming to the ongoing efforts and grueling hard work of the Black Lives Matter movement to the 2020 elections, this year has built on the years before it to be about resistance, fortitude and demanding change. Even amid injustice, xenophobia and intolerance, we've seen more than ever how our voices can truly make a difference.
We have the power to sustain and grow movements that can genuinely make change in the world - movements that educate, inspire and motivate others to join along in the cause; to lend our voices and our bodies to spread the word and fight for issues that are greatly affecting our communities.
This month on the blog and through our social media pages, we will be highlighting a number of these movements and some of the dynamic Muslim women who are in the trenches, doing the hard work in all sorts of ways. While there are many social justice and charitable causes we feel passionate about and support as a company and individually in our own personal time, we are spotlighting these seven to help inspire you in whatever work you do or to inspire you to find your passion and get involved.
1. Black Lives Matter – The BLM movement has chapters around the world and a plethora of toolkits and reports to learn about organizing around healing justice and how to oppose systemic racism and police brutality. They also offer conflict resolution resources and a special “Trayvon Taught Me Toolkit” for Black and nonBlack POC organizers. Be sure to also read their four-year anniversary report about how the Black Lives Matter movement began, what has happened and the litany of Black people who have been targeted and/or killed by persons in power. Prophet Muhamamd (saw) taught us that “There is no superiority of a white person over a black person or of a black person over a whilte person, except on the basis of piety and righteousness.” As a brand, we will continue to stand with this movement and support all of our black brothers and sisters in any way we can.
2. The Muslim Ban: Days after President Trump was inaugurated in January of 2016, he signed an executive order banning citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries – Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Sudan and Somalia, from entering the US for at least the next 90 days, which was the first step toward establishing a broader ban and a slew of executive orders and policies targeting immigration, visas and asylum seekers. The ban was challenged in the courts, but the Supreme Court ultimately ruled in favor of the Trump administration on the grounds that federal law gives the President broad authority to suspend entry to the U.S. – specifically from multiple Muslim countries. This justification that has helped the Trump administration further camouflage the xenophobic, racist, and Islamophobic intent behind the policy.(AFSC)
3. Can't Ban Us: This HH-driven campaign fights for the rights of Muslim women athletes who have been banned from their sport due to wearing hijab on their playing field. From being banned from running in a cross country race (high school athlete Noor Alexandria Abukaram) to having to fight FIBA for the right to wear hijab while playing basketball (Bilquis Abdul-Qaadir) to fighting to get International Boxing Agency, (AIBA), to end its ban on hijabs for female boxers (Zeina Nassar) –. Muslim women hijabi athletes have been grinding and achieving big things despite what others may or may not believe about the place of hijabs and other religious clothing on the field of sports. #CantBanUs
4. Sustainability in Fashion and as a Whole: At Haute Hijab, we recognize the impact of climate change, how each of us play a pivotal part in saving our environment. Since we specialize in providing hijabs to women across the globe, what better way to start than working towards making as many of our fabrics as possible sustainable? We started years ago by sourcing deadstock fabric for our Prints, and more recently we launched our more sustainably produced Bamboo Wovens. Our sustainability efforts don't stop there, as we've worked to ensure that HH Sport and our Ultimate Underscarves are also more eco-friendly. And, there is more to come!
City Council member Nadia Mohamed
5. Muslim Women in Politics: Haute Hijab began the #ThisIsWhatAmericaLooksLike campaign last spring to challenge bigotry, racism and xenophobia and elevate the work of Muslim women in politics. In following their stories, we’ve learned about so many amazing Muslim women who took a stand in this election year (and since Trump took office) and ran for state, county or local government offices. Their work deserves recognition, and we aim to give it!
6. Women's Health/Sexual Abuse Survivors: In the past four years, one of the most hotly contested and fought-for issues is who has the right to legislate women’s reproductive health as well as destigmatizing discussion of women’s sexual health and support for sexual abuse survivors within our Muslim communities. We stand with survivors and believe healthy and necessary discussions can happen around these topics in our homes and communities.
7. Mental Health: Prioritizing our mental health and well being goes hand-in-hand with our physical health. However, all too often finding time to attend to our mental health, to talk about it or seek therapy if needed for ourselves, is an afterthought in all we juggle as women. Seeking counseling or therapy is too often stigmatized when it shouldn’t be. We believe in prioritizing our mental health in ways that are both spiritual and therapeutic and supporting women who are working towards this.
Along with learning about these causes and issues and some of the dynamic women working in these spaces, we invite you to take part in our user-generated campaign on our social media pages focusing on “power prints for power moves” starting next week and runs through the end of the month and celebrates how every single woman is powerful in her own way. Check back next week to learn more.
What movements matter to you? Whatever you decide, we encourage you to follow your passions and find your own ways to get involved in the betterment of our communities!
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