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President Trump's #MuslimBan: What You Need To Know & How You Can Help
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Jan 29, 2017
Melanie Elturk
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Melanie Elturk
Thousands have been scrambling since the executive orders by Trump were signed this past Friday - protests have erupted, lawsuits have been filed and hundreds have been detained at US ports of entry.
What is the Muslim Ban?
This past Friday, President Trump signed an executive order banning citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Sudan & Somalia, from entering the US for at least the next 90 days which is likely a first step toward establishing a broader ban.
He also signed an executive order blocking the admission of all refugees into the US for four months. Syrian refugees have been blocked indefinitely. As applications for refugees come under review, priority will be given to Christians or other religious minorities from Muslim-majority countries, excluding Muslim refugees.
Are American Citizens From These Seven Countries Safe?
If you are an American citizen from one of these seven countries you are safe. If you travel outside the US (or if you travel to one of these seven countries) be prepared for extra screening and questioning at the airport. Remember that you do have rights (read more about your rights at the airport) and have the right to an attorney. As a US citizen you are guaranteed the full protections afforded by the Constitution.
What About Green Card or Visa Holders?
If you are a green card holder or are in the US on a work or student visa from one of the seven countries above, you should NOT travel outside the US as you may be prohibited from re-entering the US upon your return. Consult an attorney if your visa is expiring soon or if you need to travel outside the US.
What If I Have Dual Citizenship?
If you have dual citizenship from one of the seven countries above and any other country (including the US) you may be prohibited from entering the US and it is highly recommended you consult with an immigration attorney before traveling outside the US.
I am Undocumented and Living in the US
Consult an immigration attorney who will advise you on different options and the risks involved. Make sure all your documents are in order, compile a list of contact information of trusted friends, colleagues and loved ones and have someone in place to take care of children/elderly in the case of detention or deportation.
Protests at Metro Detroit Airport (courtesy: Getty Images)
1) Attend protests around the country. Protests have erupted at airports and in major cities across the country. Show up and show your support. The vast majority of people at these protests are not Muslim. We as Muslims must show our support and thank others for their support as well. To find a protest near you, click here.
2) SPEAK UP. If you or someone you know has been affected by the ban, you must share your story. Lawsuits cannot be filed without plaintiffs that have been directly affected. Public opinion will not sway in our favor unless we uncover the humanity of the situation. Share your story with news and media outlets, on social media as well as your local government and elected officials.
3) Engage Your Elected Officials & Hold Them Accountable. Contact your elected officials (not sure who your elected officials are? Click here) by phone, e-mail and writing letters expressing your outrage and pressure them to issue public statements against these executive orders that are a shocking reversal of American values.
4) Educate Others. Your masjid and community MUST know and understand their rights. Organize a town-hall and pull in experts and attorneys to elucidate the current situation to all those in your congregation.
5) Donate. CAIR works entirely on donations and they NEED our help. Donate to CAIR National and find your local CAIR chapter to send donations their way as well. Donate to the American Civil Liberties Union who have already filed suit against the Trump administration, arguing that his executive order is unconstitutional.
Immigration Attorneys:
4) National Immigrant Justice Center - Schedule a legal consultation by phone (312) 660-1370 or e-mail
How to Contact Your Elected Officials:
1) Contact Your Elected Officials (Senators, US Representatives, State Governors & Legislators, Mayors, County Executives & Other Local Government Officials)
3) Sign Petition to Tell Speaker Ryan to Urge President Trump to Revoke Ban on Refugees
Find a Protest Near You:
1) List of all protests against the #MuslimBan
Share Your Story:
4) LaunchGood Defeat the #MuslimBan
Questions, comments? Leave them below!
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