Everything You Need to Know About Our Jersey Hijabs
Jan 11, 2021
Our Jersey Hijabs in Dark Honey and Cranberry.
Editor's note: This post is part of a series of customer education posts about our various hijab collections to help you understand the fabric, care, styling and color options for your favorite hijabs!
What is it about a good jersey hijab that makes it such a favorite? If you’re one of the many women who have worn our premium jersey, you’ll know that it’s a cult favorite that has earned us the #KingofJersey title due to its perfect weight, stretch, size and quality. The thing about an HH Jersey Hijab is that while it’s perfect for all things casual – think of it as your “go anywhere” hijab you can throw on and go – it’s also something that you can pair with dressier outfits and wrap in numerous styles!
Best part? No underscarf or pins needed for this perfect fabric. Stock up, you’ll want this essential in all the must-have colors as well as the new custom-dyed colors we recently debuted!
What Makes Them So Different and Great?
First things first, we searched high and low for years to find the perfect fabric – the softest, most comfortable jersey with an ideal weight, gorgeous drape and a subtle sheen that gives it that little something "extra." Then we cut it to our just-right size and finish it with a delicately serged hem that doesn't add bulk to allow for clean, versatile styling.
Jersey itself is a light- to medium-weight knit fabric that has some stretch to it and is used for many things, from clothing to bedsheets to hijabs! Check out this article for all sorts of interesting facts and information about jersey.
We’ve received many testimonials over the years about its versatility and fun styling options, with many of you telling us that you’ve dressed them up and down depending on the occasion and have work them to work, to events, to the gym, while traveling and especially these days, as your go-to for numerous virtual meetings and fast errands around town. You can never have a bad hijab day with the #KingOfJersey.
Deep Fig Jersey Hijab
Not your ordinary jersey hijab. Our cult-favorite premium jersey is super-soft, effortless and made to last. It comes in a deep, rich purple hue that adds a royal touch to any outfit. Say hello to your new go-to.
What Color is Right for You?
Frankly why limit yourself to a certain palette of colors? Experiment and try whatever catches your eye! That being said, there are certain colors that do well depending on your skin tone, whether you are a “warm,” “cool,” or a “neutral.” Check out this guide to help you figure out what you are and which colors may work best for you.
There are tons of colors to choose from. We're especially partial (as you all seem to be!) to the classic Light Mink and Jet Black. Some crowd favorites are Bronze Chestnut, Dark Honey and one of our newest colors, Deep Fig. Really though, there is such a beautiful array of colors to choose from in this collection!
How to Care for Your Jersey Hijab
One of the many great things about our Jersey Hijabs is its durability through multiple washes. Sometimes we are reluctant to wash our hijabs because they won’t look as fresh anymore. But, caring for your Jersey Hijabs properly will ensure its longevity and beauty. They really do become your go-to’s!
Care instructions: Hand wash or machine wash warm only with other hijabs in like colors. If possible, put in a washer bag, but this is not crucial. Tumble dry on low. For make-up or oil stains, spot treat with stain remover. Due to the nature of the stretch fabric it will shrink up in the wash. Once ironed, it’s as good as new!
Fabric content: 95% Viscose, 5% Lycra
How to Style Your Jersey
Where to begin? There are so many lovely styles and ways to wrap your jersey, especially knowing that pins aren’t needed! Check out the following tutorials by Melanie!
No-Pins Jersey Wrap Tutorial (Two Ways)
Simple Jersey Tutorial
Half-Tucked In Jersey Tutorial
So many possibilities on how to wrap your Jersey! And, probably the easiest way is to drape the hijab around your face (keeping the ends even), bring the two ends to the front, criss-cross them at the front of your neck and toss backwards over your shoulders.
The versatility and ease of our Jersey Hijabs makes them a customer favorite. If you haven't worn one, give it a try! If you already own some of our Jerseys, treat yo self to some new colors to expand your hijab options!
Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!
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