12 Women Share Why HH Jersey Hijabs Really Are the #KingofJersey
Feb 27, 2023
Collage features women wearing our Jersey hijabs from our @hhspottedclub page on IG.
Our Premium Jersey Hijabs have been called the #KingofJersey and "sweatpants for your head" for years, and there's good reasons for that! Our soft, stretchy Premium Jersey is effortless to style and outrageously comfortable to wear, with a subtle sheen that adds polish to your look.
So, what is it about a good jersey hijab that makes it such a favorite? If you’re one of the many women who have worn our premium jersey, you’ll know that it’s a cult favorite due to its perfect weight, stretch, size and quality. The thing about an HH Jersey Hijab is that while it’s perfect for all things casual – think of it as your “go anywhere” hijab you can throw on and go – it’s also something that you can pair with dressier outfits and wrap in numerous styles!
Our Premium Jersey Hijab in Dark Olive.
Best part? No underscarf or pins needed for this perfect fabric. (Click here for learn everything you need to know about our Premium Jersey Hijabs and about jersey fabric in general.)
So of course we LOVE our Jersey hijabs, but what about you? We asked you on our Instagram page what you loved about our Jersey hijabs, and here are 12 things you raved about!
1. It sits perfect all day long regardless of how I move.
2. The material is designed to prevent slipping. It doesn't require a pin. It's durable and comfortable.
3. A workwear staple to an evening out – legit [I'm] constantly only wearing jerseys!
4. The weight – not too heavy, not too light. Just perfect!
5. The ability to wear it to work for a 12-hour hospital shift and still feel comfy.
6. Easiest to wear and felt like a small, comfy blanket on my head in the best way!
Our Premium Jersey Hijab in Terracotta.
7. They were my go-to hijab after I had cancer and had to go to the hospital all the time.
8. Elegant, classy and easy to carry. My all-time favorite!
9. Being stretchy enough to use it with my stethoscope.
10. The material is of far better quality than anything else out there. It's totally smooth with extra finesse!
11. So comfortable and they stay on without pins, magnets, etc.
12. I need a whole loungewear set in this jersey material! Feels so good on the skin!
Are you a fan of our Jersey hijabs? What do you like about them? Share with us in the comments below!
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