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You Wanted Them, and Now Bamboo Woven Prints are HERE!
Oct 5, 2021
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
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Saniyyah in our Fearless Leopard Hijab
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
Finally, the wait is over!
Bamboo Woven Prints are here! All of us at Haute Hijab are so excited to bring you our first exclusive collection of printed Bamboo Woven Hijabs. So, what took us so long? And do these Woven Print hijabs have the same sustainable properties as our original Bamboo Wovens? We’re glad you asked!
Bringing you printed hijabs in our bamboo woven material had been part of the grand plan for a few years now. (To be honest, our Blog Editor Dilshad, who loves a good printed woven hijab as her go-to, asked at her HH interview three years ago why we didn’t carry any. Like you, she’s been patiently waiting :) But our standards for the fabric we use, the manufacturing factories we partner with, our ongoing dedication to bring you more sustainably-made hijabs, and making sure we’re bringing you products that we know fulfill immediate and necessary needs for you is how we determine what to focus on next.
And so, producing Bamboo Woven Prints stayed on the backburner until juuuuuuuust the right time, which is now! We are starting out this exclusive collection with four beautiful Woven Prints: the Blazing Prowess Hijab, the Boundless Ambition Hijab, the Fearless Leopard Hijab and the Bold Boa Hijab. These names were carefully chosen to reflect the positive threads we are encouraging you to weave into your lives.
The beautiful Zahara in our Bold Boa Hijab
Indeed, the women chosen to model these hijabs came from our own communities. They’re not hired models, but rather a group of six wonderful and dynamic women who came together to wear these hijabs, try their hand at modeling them and talk to us about their lives as visibly Muslim women and how they choose to weave their strengths and Allah (S)-given gifts into all that they do in life. Stay tuned to the blog and to our social media platforms to get to know more about these wonderful ladies!
The prints for this collection are digitally produced, then samples were printed out to see how it looked (and felt!) on our Bamboo Woven fabric before it was finalized and made into hijabs. The prints are exclusive to HH, and there are a limited number of hijabs in each print design!
The hijabs are the same length and width as our standard Bamboo Wovens (74” X 27”) and have the same fibers and sustainability properties as our original Wovens. (See here to read more about how our Bamboo Wovens are made and the science of the eco-friendly manufacturing processes that went into this hijab line.)
So, how did we choose the particular colors and patterns in this first collection of Bamboo Woven Prints? Our team studied the history of what you - our community - gravitates towards with our chiffon prints to understand what types of prints, patterns and colors are your favorites. We were intentional with our color choices, knowing that this was going to drop in the fall, and so we wanted them to work well especially for fall/winter. Lizzy Walsh, HH’s Product Development Manager, says community recommendations were a driving force in how the team narrowed down print designs.
Blazing Prowess Hijab
The Blazing Prowess Hijab features a bold abstract floral print with vivid tones of blue and pops of orange on our sustainably produced and ultra-soft bamboo woven fabric. It features all of bamboo's powerful benefits including built-in sun protection, breathability, anti-bacterial properties and superior moisture wicking for a fresh, comfortable feeling. Available in our Standard rectangle size, this beauty is a definite must-have!
“Two of these prints are animal prints,” says Lizzy, “and it’s such a statement piece. They are beautiful for the fall, but we also wanted them to be a year-round staple. So we decided on a leopard and a snake print. Then we supplemented that with two more abstract prints in colors we knew our community would want.”
Being that this is our first time producing Bamboo Woven Prints, “we tried to find a hijab print that would work for everyone. It feels like an impossible task, but that’s what we strove for as best possible.”
We hope you are as excited for this new collection as we are! Stay tuned as we continue to delve deeper into the Positive Threads campaign for the new Woven Prints!
Let us know which one’s your fave in the comments below!
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