We're Donating A Portion of ALL Sales To COVID-19 Emergency Response!
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Mar 18, 2020
Just a few weeks ago, life was normal. And now, social distancing, closures and quarantines are well underway for what seems like the whole world. We're all impacted in one way or another. While many of us are talking about how this forced slow-down will allow us to focus on other things that life tends to get in the way of – like bonding with our families, picking up a new hobby, reorganizing and so on –  not everyone has this privilege. For some – especially low-income families, self-employed people, those disabled and/or chronically ill and elderly – the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine is more deeply felt. 
As Muslims, we must view this crisis as a call-to-action to give sadaqah (charity) in whatever form we can. Here at Haute Hijab, we met as a team (virtually, of course!) to discuss how our company can help. We decided to donate a portion of ALL sales from today through Sunday, March 22nd, to a LaunchGood initiative called Muslims Unite For Coronavirus Relief, which helps impacted and low-income families get through this tough time. To contribute, simply shop any of our products today through Sunday. 
To directly donate as well as to learn more about the campaign – which is a joint effort by Penny Appeal USA, Celebrate Mercy and the Islamic Center of New  York University (ICNYU), and who the funds will go to – click here.
Community is everything, and it's important we don't forget those who are most vulnerable in times like this. 
We're keeping you all in our prayers. Stay safe, and distance yourself from others as much as you can. 
With love,
The HH Team
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