They Are Our (2023) Hijab and Hijab Accessories Bestsellers for Good Reason!
Sep 20, 2023
Check out some of our bestselling hijabs and hijab accessories in 2023!
There are the hijabs and hijab products you love, and then there are the ones you LOVE! It brings us such joy to produce the best there is in hijabs and hijab accessories, and what captured our attention at a recent company meeting was learning about what has been our best sellers throughout 2023. What makes these particular hijabs and hijab accessories best sellers? Why are they fan favorites? Let’s get into it!
Wow – you REALLY love this hijab! Black hijabs from two categories made the top 10 list this year, which was a bit of a surprise to us given the continued desire for neutral-colored hijabs that we’ve seen over the years and through perusing what women are wearing in our social media research. And yes, black IS a neutral color, but the fact that our Jersey Hijab in Jet Black is our number one selling product (thus far) this year was fun to see!
Do you like wearing black? It’s one of those things that should be a staple in every hijab-wearing woman’s closet, whether she wears it on the regular or not. And our Premium Jersey Hijab in Jet Black is a great one to go with!
This one didn’t surprise us at all and continues to be a bestseller year after year. These beauties are often imitated but never duplicated and are our fastest selling product! When we first got what we thought would be a six-month supply in 2020, they sold out in 26 days! Here’s another interesting tidbit about our magnets: Did you know that they are strong enough to hold through seven layers of our Jersey Hijabs? (Our Merchandise Manager Justine Sahardi tested this) To be even more specific, our magnets are rated to 13,200 gauss (a unit of magnetic induction), a common fridge magnet is rated at 100 gauss.
There she is again – the color black! And it makes sense that with black being a popular color of choice among our communities of women, Black in our Everyday Chiffon Hijab (just like Jet Black in our Premium Jersey Hijab) would crack the top ten! It’s a great staple to have in your hijab wardrobe for any suitable occasion.
This one has been a customer favorite and top ten best seller from the time we debuted this color in 2020. We expected Light Mink and Jet Black, which are consistently best sellers. But it was fun to see Buttercream’s popularity, as well as Pewter in our Jersey Hijabs! When choosing custom colors like buttercream, light mink and even rose quartz, we use neutral colored makeup pallets as inspiration. We are on the lookout for tones layered with warmth or coolness to compliment everyone’s skin tone.
This one is always a best seller! We know you love our Jersey Hijab in Light Mink, especially because it’s the most viewed page on our website, hands down. The beauty of Light Mink is that it looks good on pretty much all skin tones and is that kind of neutral that is so versatile and can be paired with pretty much anything. We are constantly working to keep this particular hijab in stock, as it has sold out a few times in the past.
I mean, who doesn’t love this color? Blush debuted in 2020 (that was an especially good year for new Chiffon colors!) and has been a crowd favorite ever since! It’s got that hint of pink that you all love without being overwhelmingly pink, a great shade of neutral that lightens and elevates any style!
Rosewood, which was also a new color in 2020, has been a consistent best seller ever since (along with Pearl, Black and Blush.) Rosewood has been outselling all other colors by hundreds of units most months. There is something about its caramel brown color with rosy undertones that makes it look beautiful on anyone who wears it year-round, but especially in the fall!
We debuted Taupe in 2022, having heard your desire for more neutral colors. We were searching for the perfect shade of beige that had warm undertones and a bit of oomph to it, and we found it in Taupe! This hijab features a beautiful balance of purple and brown with a warm undertone and looks good on so many different skin tones! If you don’t have one, be sure to get one!
Who doesn’t love a good gray? We feel it’s that understated neutral some of us don’t realize we need in our hijab wardrobe, but is JUST what we need. This Jersey Hijab in Pewter is lighter than Graphite and is that perfect shade of creamy gray to help you transition from fall to winter to early spring. Apparently many of you know this, as it hit our top ten bestsellers list this year!
Ahhhh, she’s a classic beauty. Good, staple white and black hijabs are the backbones of any woman’s hijab collection, whether she wears these colors on the regular or not. And Pearl, which also debuted in that fantastic batch of Everyday Chiffon colors in 2020, is that perfect, polished, elevated sheen of white that isn’t too intensely white, but more of a soft, oyster-y white. Many of our HH brides have worn our Everyday Chiffon in Pearl as their bridal color, and for great reason! It’s just that gorgeous!
So, do you own these bestsellers? If not, what's stopping you? And what are your favorite hijabs and hijab accessories? Share with us in the comments below!

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