Dedicated to the Royalty & Strength in Us All – The Story of the Mogul Empress Hijab
Aug 19, 2022
@sohamt wearing the Mogul Empress Hijab
What comes to your mind when you see the Mogul Empress Hijab from our new Woven Print collection, A Journey Through Time? The beautiful lotus flowers span out across the hijab in stunning hues of pink, light mink and cream to frame the face with a delicate yet powerful floral statement.
We see queens and powerful Muslim women leaders throughout history lifting up Muslim women of today.
We see the Jama Masjid in New Delhi (India) at sunset bathed in gorgeous pinks and reddish hues. We see the Badshahi Masjid in Lahore (Pakistan) awash in carved red sandstone and marble inlay with curved repetitious points around the masjid boundary walls.
L to R: Jama Mosque in New Dehli, India (photo by Thinkstock) and Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan (photo by Unsplash)
The Mogul Empress hijab takes us to the grand palaces and intricate gardens of the Mogul Empire, with the exquisite floral lotus motif flowing into a rhythmic pattern and a gorgeous color palette that pays homage to the strong and proud Muslim women of our past. It is a hijab meant for the royalty and strength born throughout centuries of Islamic history that lives in each and every one of us as we journey through all aspects of our lives. This is a hijab for you. This is a hijab for all of us.
Elizabeth Walsh, HH’s Production Development Manager, shares how a specific photo sparked inspiration in her head and set her on a journey of research through different regions of the Muslim world and moments in history to come up with the design for the Mogul Empress Hijab. “As we began talking through what we wanted this collection to be, Melanie shared with me and our production team her travel and Instagram photos. She told us about how she was struck by several repetitive motifs she saw and some of the spiritual experiences she had in parts of the Muslim world. That really got me going.”
Soha Taha @sohamt wearing our Mogul Empress Hijab.
“And then (HH’s former COO) Ahmed Zedan had all these photos he had taken of [Islamic tile work], and that also helped start the creative design process flowing,” says Elizabeth. One photo in particular that featured a tile with a gorgeous pink floral rosette on it helped spark the inspiration for our stunning Mogul Empress Hijab in this collection.
“After seeing the photo of that tile, I started digging into other Islamic architecture throughout the world, and I honed in on some patterns that were ubiquitous, like the Mogul Empress Hijab’s floral pattern and pink colorscape, which are reminiscent of so many of the gorgeous mosques across India and Pakistan,” says Elizabeth.
While it’s hard to play favorites, the Mogul Empress Hijab is one of Elizabeth’s favorites because “I was able to stay true to the original design, vibe and intention I had with it,” she says. “For me, this hijab embodies ihsan (to do beautiful things, or perfection and excellence) because that perfection, the concept of ihsan and doing things with that spirit is what I see when I look at this hijab, graced with flowers, nature, beauty and strength.”
Caring for the Mogul Empress Hijab
This hijab is the same length and width as our standard Bamboo Wovens (74” X 27”) and have the same fibers and sustainability properties as our original Wovens. (See here to read more about how our Bamboo Wovens are made and the science of the eco-friendly manufacturing processes that went into this hijab line.)
Made of 100 percent bamboo, hand wash or machine wash this hijab on warm with only other scarves. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. For make-up or oil stains, spot treat with stain remover, and steam or iron on medium from the center outwards.
How are you styling your Mogul Empress Hijab? What do you love most about it? Share with us in the comments below!

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