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The October Edit – Bringing Fall/Winter Colors to Life in Your Hijabs
Oct 6, 2021
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
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Nidaa from @hhspottedclub wears an HH print for this fall photo. Get a similar look with our new Fearless Leopard Bamboo Woven Print
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
Whether you’re a fan or not of the pumpkin spice takeover that happens even before the first leaf changes color, we’re pretty sure we can all get on board with the gorgeous shifting of colors that goes hand-in-hand with the turn of seasons. In the fashion world, fall and spring are when most brands and designers debut seasonal colors, and that includes your hijabs! We’re so excited to be debuting our fall/winter hijab colors across our categories and showcasing our existing autumn-inspired hijabs!
Premium Jersey - Dark Honey
Not your ordinary jersey hijab. Our cult-favorite premium jersey is super-soft, effortless and made to last. It comes in a rich golden yellow hue that's a must-have for your hijab collection. Say hello to your new go-to.
Fall/winter colors are typically the time for jewel and earthy tones – those rich and luxurious colors of depth and warmth that just seem to meld perfectly with the cooling temperatures. We’re talking deep blues, hues of cranberry and orange, flavors of chocolate and faded shades of greens and blacks all on the palette for fall 2021. And of course, we’re bringing back your all-time favorite, camel, to bring together your latest trench-coat look!
Choosing these colors come from a mix of studying what the fall color trends on the runway, what colors are favored by all of you in our community and studying the moods and vibes of the season.
Everyday Chiffon - Marine Blue
The fabric that started it all. Our signature chiffon is light, crisp and easy to care for, giving you a sleek, polished look every time. It features a deep shade of blue with a hint of green for a rich and unique hue you'll fall in love with.
Fall/winter colors have already debuted in our Everyday Chiffons, with Marine Blue and Currant (currently sold out, but try substituting with our Chiffon in Bordeaux). Towards the end of October and early November our fall/winter colors in Jersey and Bamboo Wovens will, Insha’Allah, be dropping, and we can’t wait!
Another enduring fall trend that first caught our attention in 2019 and continues to show up again and again in the fall is Dark Florals. As Erin first wrote about this trend, “It’s all the floral goodness you expect for the spring season, made perfect for this time of year by swapping in darker shades like classic black, navy and hunter green. Watercolor-esque blooms or folk florals amp up the rich colors and give them a luxe, slightly bohemian vibe that takes you seamlessly from work to the weekend to date night with the hubs.
Chiffon Prints - Cordoba Breeze
The Cordoba Breeze features scattered white buds with pops of marigold and burgundy that make a beautiful statement against a rich navy backdrop on our signature chiffon. Pair this beauty with a casual maxi skirt and slip-on sneakers for a laid-back, yet stylish look.
“Best part – it’s so easy to rock this trend by pairing dark floral hijabs with existing pieces in your closet. Versatile, wearable, b-e-a-utiful – we couldn’t resist getting on board!” You can see the inspiration of Dark Florals, featuring some gorgeous prints on our Chiffon Prints page!
What will you be pairing your fall/winter hijabs with? Stay tuned to the blog for our fashion writer Hakeemah’s layering formulas for fall fashion, in which she will present easy-to-follow formulas for layering outfits paired with our fall colors-inspired hijabs for best in stylish, comfortable and chic autumn looks.
It’s all too easy to fall back on shades of black and grey when fall hits (because who doesn’t look good in a black or charcoal gray outfit or hijab?), but embrace the seasonality and colors of the fall and winter with hijabs from our existing and upcoming fall/winter colors (found on our fall collection page). Be the confident queen that you are in the bold jewel tones or laid-back hues, which cater to every mood and feeling of this season!
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