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The Eid Inspo Comfort Calculator! What Comfort-Vs.-Glam Level Are You Going For?
Apr 29, 2021
Rowayda Kawji
contributing writer
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Rowayda Kawji
contributing writer
If you’re looking to avoid last minute panicked Eid outfit shopping, trying to count how many days your outfit will take to ship and hoping it’ll arrive in time, you’re in the right place! I like to order my Eid outfit well in advance (I may or may not have ordered my dress in March … ) and this year it was so important to consider what’s on the Eid schedule for me to help me choose what to wear.
Everyone’s Eid will be drastically different this year depending on where they live, whether or not they're vaccinated and how this pandemic has left them feeling. Eid activities definitely dictate an appropriate level of comfort for an Eid outfit. (Not that you can’t wear a gown even if you’re staying at home!). We’ve rated some Eid inspiration by comfort level (five stars being most comfortable) to help you decide which type of outfit best suits your Eid plans! (Of course comfort is a subjective feeling, so keep that in mind!)
Lowkey and Lovely | Comfort Level ★★★★★
Coordinated sets are the dressy, sophisticated older sister of pajamas. These sets are not only insanely comfortable but inherently modest, and involve almost no styling because all the work is done for you. Opting for a coord is perfect if you’re not in the mood to put a pair of jeans or pants on after having worn nothing but loungewear for the past year. Just add your signature jewelry and your favorite Haute hijab for a cute and comfortable look.
Get the Look Here: Set 1 | Set 2 | Hijab
Casual but Cool | Comfort Level ★★★★☆
If your Eid is looking casual but you still want to look stylish, opt for a pair of wide leg denim. Wide leg jeans are much more comfortable than tighter models, and any top can be tucked into them. Layer a cardigan or even an open button down over the top for an added layer of modesty. And to kick it up just a notch, pair with a Satin hijab! Or, if you want to keep that comfort level going, go for a Jersey!
Out and About | Comfort Level ★★★☆☆
If you’re planning on seeing people in your pandemic-approved bubble of friends and family, you’ll probably want to dress up. Skirts are very comfortable for being out and about and look classic, especially styled in this monochrome way with a top, hijab, shoes and bag, all in similar tones.
Get the Look Here: Satin Skirt 1 | Satin Skirt 2 | Satin Hijab
Guaranteed Glow Up | Comfort Level ★★☆☆☆
Elevated Eid plans require an elevated Eid look. In my opinion, nothing looks more elegant than a maxi dress. Personally, I find maxi dresses extremely comfortable while also looking very well put together. Yet, they’re very simple to style – just add a matching hijab (try one of the HH Bamboo Wovens for comfort and coolness) and some low-heeled pumps for a comfortable, modest and elegant Eid look.
Get the Look Here: Maxi Dress 1 | Maxi Dress 2 | Woven Hijab
Dressed to the 10s | Comfort Level ★☆☆☆☆
Some of us have had enough comfort in this past year of lockdown and are ready to go all out with a statement Eid outfit. In my opinion, nothing makes a better statement than a good suit. Suits exude power and refinement and look professional, modest and stylish all at once. For a wearable suit, choose a neutral color and pair with other neutrals like a white shirt, a chiffon hijab and shoes.
Get the Look Here: Blazer | Pants | Linen Suit | Chiffon Hijab
How important is comfort (versus getting glammed up) to you when choosing an Eid outfit? Will you be staying at home or going all out this Eid? Either way, please remember to stay safe and mind the safety of those around you!
What will you be wearing for Eid? Share with us in the comments below!
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