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Struggling with Layering? These 8 Foolproof Formulas Makes Chic Fall Styling Easy!
Oct 8, 2021
Hakeemah Cummings
contributing writer
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Hakeemah Cummings
contributing writer
As a stylist, suggesting outfits as formulas has been the most straight-forward way for me to teach women how to achieve a certain look, especially with separates and layering. If you struggle to find what looks good on you, outfit formulas can be tremendously helpful.
And now it’s finally fall – our season as modestwear lovers! So, let’s create some formulas to help you achieve these gorgeous looks from some of your favorite influencers. All of these formulas are easy to replicate once you break it down to parts. Simply add the right pieces, and voila – instantly trendy. There’s definitely a mix of different body types, modesty levels and styling options here so you can find what works for you! And by the way, these sisters were all recently featured in The Black Muslim Girl’s “10 Black Muslim Influencers You Should Follow,” so you already know they’re on point. Let’s get into it!
Formula 1: White Oxford + Pullover + Patterned Trench + Boyfriend Jeans + Booties
I would bet that all these pieces are already in most of your closets as you’re reading this right now. The only missing piece might be the sweater. For a vintage touch, head to your local thrift store and pick one up for less than 5 bucks – V-neck would be a beautiful choice. The addition of the pullover sweater is menswear-inspired, and I’m loving that juxtaposition paired with your favorite handbag and a dainty necklace! Shop similar pieces to achieve Jameelat’s (@meelahxo_) look below.
Get the Look: Trench | Oxford | Pullover | Hijab
Formula 2: Long Printed Blouse + Hat & Hijab + Long Trench + Boyfriend Jeans + Booties
Think of this as a version of Jameelat’s look, but inverted. Instead of a printed trench, we’re doing a solid trench (much easier to find), and a printed blouse instead. Tahirah (@sincerelytahiry) brings some edge to her look with her leather beret and patent leather booties (we talked about this look here!), but who’s to say you can’t style the same formula with a fedora (ahem ahem – see Formula 7) and sneakers (ahem ahem – see Formula 8)? But we’ll get into those later. If you’re loving Tahirah’s look, shop the look below.
Get the Look: Jeans | Blouse | Boots | Hijab
Formula 3: Cropped Bomber Jacket + Chunky Knit + Oversized Pants + Lace-Up Booties
Okay, getting adventurous with this one, but it’s Hafsah (@hafymo), so what did you expect? To achieve the look of these pants, you will have to look for some that fit baggy in the leg – most will be labelled “wide-leg.” You’ll want to look for pants whose hems can be neatly tucked into the top of some booties, or another trick is to add rubber bands to the hem of your wide-leg pants to hold it in place, then fan out the fabric to add some fluff. To make life easy, another option is to wear some sweat pants a couple sizes up. If you’d like more coverage around the hips and bottom, untuck your knit top and add one of these super useful shirt extenders.
Get the Look: Pants | Bomber | Boots | Hijab
Formula 4: Long Knit Jacket + Leather Skirt + Backpack + Booties
The author, @hakeemahcmb
This was my favorite outfit (and formula) of last autumn, hands down! I decided to add some faux leather skirts to my wardrobe and wondered why I wasted time not having them before! It’s a great way to wear a skirt in cool weather while staying warm and without having a lot of flowing fabric. The backpack is great for chic moms on-the-go who need the space to carry snacks around while having a hands-free option to hold your baby or save a toddler from running in the street. The color palette is earthy and warm, with touches of white keep the outfit fresh. Grab a similar look by clicking the links below.
Formula 5: Bold Print Cardigan + All White + Booties
I had to celebrate this moment from Fatima (@fatima.b.ibrahim),because as a woman who consistently wears the most beautiful shades of pink all year round, it was refreshing for her to give us this fall look – still very Fatima, but with no pink. (Gasp!) Let’s pay attention to how she allows the print of her cardigan to be as bold as it wants to be against a white canvas. And it goes without saying that the whole “no white after Labor Day” has really never been a thing!
Fatima pairs her look with soft brown booties and a classy handbag. Also, notice the length of her pants allowing the full bootie to show. Fatima is a tall glass of water, Masha’Allah. Pant length can be an issue for some women of a certain height, which is why in fall, cropped pants paired with beautiful boots is a graceful way to keep the leg gap covered and show off those stunning shoes. Love this on you Fatima!
Get the Look: Cardigan | Pants | Boots | Hijab
Formula 6: Jilbab + Cropped Puffer Vest + Chunky Boots + Printed Joggers
I hope you didn't think I was going to write this whole article, and the jilbab was not going to make an appearance! Jilbabs come in one-piece as well as two-piece sets, and Sis Ameena (@ameenaroshae) pairs the top piece of a jilbab (headpiece connected to arms and top) with printed joggers (!) instead of the skirt that typically comes with a two-piece version. She then had the NERVE to style it with chunky boots and a tiny puffer vest, and the bordeaux color coordination literally took my breath away. Who will check her, boo? Please take notes and find some links below on how to achieve Ameena’s top look.
Get the Look: Jilbab | Boots | Joggers | Hijab
Formula 7: Shacket + Fedora + White Button Down + Turtleneck + White Legs Pants
Ahh the shacket. When these became popular last season, I never was able to get my grabby little hands on them, but this girl Rayya’s (@_rayyaansari) shacket styling has been living rent-free in my head for a year. My soul will not rest until I have one! And for those people who say that shackets had their moment and we’re moving on – hijabis do not care! You’re telling me that a loose, long, thick garment can only be in style for one fall season, and hijabis are supposed to just let that go? Nope! Rayya also shows us that neutral, oatmeal tones GIVE in the fall as well. See some of my favorite shackets in the links below.
Get the Look: Shacket | Fedora | Boots | Hijab
Formula 8: Jogger Set + Long Trench + Sneakers
Ending on a high note, because the comfort relatability is strong in this look! Some people are not into heels and booties, so there’s no way I was going to end this without featuring the perfect sneaker ‘fit. Notice that Aisha (@aishaxahmada) allows her pine green Jordan’s to stand out – not every look needs to be color-coordinated! Navy blue jacket, gray sweat suit, white bag, neutral hijab – then bang! Green shoes. And, it works! Don’t be afraid to think outside the color lines and wear what you want because it feels good and looks good to you! Check out similar looks in the links below.
Get the Look: Hoodie set | Sneakers | Jacket | Hijab
Which formula are you going to try? Which is your go-to? What pieces do you like to layer in the fall and winter? Share with us in the comments below!
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