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Jan 17, 2023
I need the right shade of a blue hijab to go with this outfit I have. What does Haute Hijab have to offer by way of pink and blush shades? I want to get a Cascade Pleat Hijab, but how do I style it?
Questions like these come through our inbox and through DMs and comments all the time. Most frequently we're asked about if we carry hijabs in certain colors and how to style different types of hijabs. In our commitment to keep improving upon your hijab wearing and buying experience, we've created some areas on our website to help you find exactly what you're looking for!
Shop By Color
Our Pretty in Pink color page.
In our main navigation menu (located at the top of our website on a desktop computer and in the hamburger menu on the left-hand side of your screen on your mobile device) when you open up, you'll see the first category, Hijabs. And when you click on that to scroll down through the categories, we've got a new one for you – "Shop by Color." This takes you to a gorgeous page with 12 categories of colors. From Earth Tones to Silver Lining to Shades of Neutral to The Blues (and so much more), you're sure to find the hijab you desire in the color you're looking for.
Once you click into a color category, everything we have available in that palette appears. For example, if you are looking for something in the shade of green and click on "Grand in Green," 12 different hues of green hijabs in a variety of fabrics appear – from Premium Jersey in Sage to Bamboo Woven in Matte Green to Perfect Satin in Pistachio to Cascade Pleat in Desert Sage.
Go ahead and play around; see all the gorgeous colors we have to offer across all our hijab categories!
Hijab Tutorials
Between our blog and our YouTube channel, we've put out more hijab tutorials then we can even remember. With our hijab fabrics evolving due to our sustainability efforts and new hijab categories being introduced, we decided to bring all the latest and most relevant and useful hijab video tutorials into one place, with links below each video so you can easily shop the corresponding collection.
In the main navigation menu, you'll see the category of "Tutorials" listed. Click on that to get to our hijab tutorials page and see tutorial videos that help you style our Fine Pleats, Bamboo Wovens, Cascade Pleats, hijabs and turtlenecks and so much more! And if you still have styling questions? No worries; we got you, sis. Email us any time at
What else would help you find the perfect hijab and the best way to style it? What can we do to make your hijab shopping experience better? Let us know in the comments below!
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