Recycled Chffons are Back, & What Makes Them Different is What Makes Them Great
Mar 7, 2023
Our Recycled Chiffon Hijab in Black.
Psssssst. Have you heard the news? We have stocked our Recycled Chiffons Hijabs in four of your favorite colors!
We’re so excited to bring the spotlight back on our Recycled Chiffon Hijabs, which are now stocked in four best-selling colors: Ivory, Black, Dusty Mauve and Graphite. These beauties marry the effortless chic of our chiffon hijabs with some slight differences and an emphasis on tech, sustainability, faith and fashion.
So, what makes our Recycled Chiffons slightly different then our Everyday Chiffons Hijabs?
It’s the texture, says HH Product Manager Elizabeth Walsh.
“It has more of a pronounced crepe than our Everyday Chiffons, which is really great if you’re somebody who wants to start wearing chiffons and just can’t manage, or if you’re someone who does love to wear chiffon but wishes it could be slightly more grippy,” says Elizabeth.
“If you’re new to chiffon hijabs, Recycled Chiffons are a really good place to start on your journey with chiffons.They’re easier to wear because they have slightly more texture and stretch,” Elizabeth explains. “It’s not the fiber itself that is stretchy, but the way the fabric is woven that gives it slightly more stretch than our Everyday Chiffons.
“So you can securely wrap it and it kind of locks in,” says Elizabeth. “Plus, I really love them because I know each hijab is doing its small part to reduce plastic bottles from littering our oceans.”
They are called Recycled Chiffon Hijabs for a reason. HH collaborated with Waste2Wear, a company that uses blockchain technology to create products out of recycled plastics to more sustainably develop polyester fabric. This partnership allows our customer to get her favorite go-to chiffon hijab while helping to reduce plastic waste.
Our Recycled Chiffon Hijab in Dusty Mauve.
For every 40” by 40” square Recycled Chiffon Hijab, eight plastic water bottles are used; seven per every 68” by 27” rectangle hijab. In addition to reducing plastic waste, the production of this hijab uses 70 percent less energy, produces 75 percent less CO2, and uses 86 percent less water than virgin polyester (which is what regular chiffon fabric is made of), according to the Waste2Wear website.
With this new stock of colors, HH is having our factory in Dubai take the recycled chiffon fabric from Waste2Wear and make the hijabs instead of having Waste2Wear create the finished hijab product. This helps us maintain control of the manufacturing and creation process of the Recycled Chiffon Hijabs, which in turn brings to you the quality of HH hijabs that you have grown accustomed to.
This is all part of our efforts to help reduce the eight million tons of plastic waste that enters our oceans every year.
Just reflect on that for a moment. With Ramadan coming in a few weeks, think about Ramadans past – praying tarawih at the masjid, the massive amounts of plastic disposable water bottles consumed at iftar and throughout prayer and then discarded in overflowing garbage bins at the end of the night. Where does that ultimately end up if not recycled properly?
We’ve been working for several years now in our journey to become more and more sustainable and eco-friendly, beginning with sourcing deadstock fabric for our chiffon prints, bringing you our Bamboo Wovens, Ultimate Underscarves and our HH Sport hijabs made from innovative, more sustainably produced fabrics. But there is always more to do. Our earth is drowning in plastic, and we want to give it a new purpose. Each small step is a step in the right direction that is incumbent upon us to embrace as Muslims.
The Prophet Muhammad (saw) told his followers they would be rewarded by God for taking care of the Earth. He said: “If any Muslim plants any plant and a human being or an animal eats of it, he will be rewarded as if he had given that much in charity.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari, 8:41). We owe it to our earth to protect it as an amanah, and we pray this hijab is but one small way to do so.
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