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10 Cute & Modest Swimsuits to Help You Get Your Beach or Pool On (UPDATED)!
Jul 28, 2020
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Guest Contributor
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By Rowayda Kawji
Sometimes, dressing modestly can be as challenging as it is rewarding. One of those times is trying to find appropriate swimwear. There is absolutely no shortage of skimpy swimsuits; however, modest swimwear that appropriately covers can be difficult to find. And, if you want to find modest swimwear that is stylish, comfortable and affordable - well good luck! But if you plan on using your swimsuit for years to come, it's worth the investment.
We’ve tackled this challenge in the past with our blog post on the Ultimate Guide to Modest Swimwear (that covered accessories for the beach in addition to full-coverage swimsuits) and felt it was time for a reboot and update! This post, in fact, was first published in the summer of 2019 and we're back with more great modest swimsuits to share with you! A number of new brands have emerged while others have updated their offerings! So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best brands offering modest swimwear that ticks off all the boxes.
Find the suit that works for you and get thee (safely and in a socially distanced manner please!) to the beach or swimming pool!
1. Lanuuk Swimwear
Lanuuk Swimwear focuses on redefining modest swimwear by introducing different silhouettes, such as their ruffled Serena swimsuit, which is one of their most popular designs. Their focus on comfort and quality results in a beautiful and chic option for modest swimwear. (Image: @lanuuk_uk)
Get the look: Swimsuit
2. Lyra Swimwear
Lyra Swimwear offers several modest designs in a variety of colors and patterns that are minimal, flattering and stylish. Their swimsuits are very popular because they come in four versatile pieces. The top is a long sleeve one-piece swimsuit that can be worn alone if desired but is paired with matching leggings, skirt cover-up and turban/undercap for an easy, modest swim look. (Image: @lyraswim)
Get the look: Sofia Sailor | Lyra
3. Sabrinecat
Sabrinecat Swimwear offers one design in three different colors, but the cut features a flowing knee-length skirt that offers a good amount of modesty. The ruffle features on the shoulders keep the design cute and fun. The same design is available in children’s sizes, so you can match with your little girl! (Image: @sabrinecatswimwear)
Get the look: Swimsuit
4. Coolibar
Coolibar is not specifically focused on modest swimwear. However, they offer long swim tunics that work really well mixed and matched with different swim bottoms to create a modest swimsuit that fits your style and personal level of modesty. (Image: @eslimah)
5. Summersalt
This brand has recently partnered with Muslim influencer Summer Albarcha to create a gorgeous, modest swimsuit made up of a long swim shirt reaching mid-thigh in length with matching leggings. We love the punchy, summer-ready colors and looser fit of this one! (Image: @summeralbarcha)
6. Shelline Swimwear
Shelline designs are unique because most of the swimsuits zip up as a jumpsuit and come with a flattering wrap-around skirt. The jumpsuit feels secure and comfortable while the skirt provides modesty. Shelline also offers full-coverage hijab options instead of a turban as well as some layering pieces for increased modesty. (Image:
Get the look: Swimsuits
7. Modanisa
Modanisa is mostly known for their modest clothing like long shirts and flowy dresses, but they also carry a large assortment of swimwear. The large variety means there are many colors, patterns and cuts to choose from to suit your personal taste and modest preferences. Many Modanisa modest swimsuits, including the popular Mayovera brand, come with a more affordable price tag in comparison to other modest swimsuits. (Image: @asliafsaroglu)
Get the look: Burkini | Modanisa
8. Azya Swim
The focus of Azya Swim are pieces that look fashionable and perform well without sacrificing modesty. They are perhaps best known for their swim tunics, which come with a flattering belt around the waist. Their designs also come in above-the-knee and below-the-knee lengths, so you can choose what you are most comfortable in. (Image: @azya.swim)
Get the look: Swimwear
9. Awa Swimwear
Awa Swimwear’s collection includes casual and comfortable modest swimming options at reasonable prices. One of their more unique pieces is a two-piece set with flared pants and bell sleeves, but their most popular pieces are fitted at the top for comfort and flowing below the waist for coverage and modesty. (Image:
Get the look: Swimwear
10. Nike
Nike made waves when they announced their Nike Victory Full-Coverage Swimsuit earlier in the year. The modest swimsuit features a tunic and leggings with an integrated hijab. Some of the suit’s special features, such as the adjustable built-in bra, fitted cuffs and mesh vents, make this suit an ideal choice for hijab-wearing athletes. The many features of this suit come at the hefty price tag of $600. This price may be worth it for athletes but for casual swimmers, there are many more options on this list to choose from! 😊 (Image: @nike)
10. Build Your Own (Do It Yourself)
Beyond these few brands, the reality is that although fashion brands have begun to embrace modest dressing when it comes to swimwear, options are still limited. A great choice for those who cannot find a modest swimsuit that stylistically speaks to them or addresses their level of modesty is to build a modest swimsuit out of various workout pieces, which are often made of same or similar quick-drying material as swimwear. Long shirts paired with leggings, joggers, or wide workout pants make for great modest swimwear.
Be sure to choose fabrics made of polyester, spandex, nylon or lycra, which all dry quickly, do not absorb water and are comfortable to swim in. Also, be aware that this DIY approach may lack the fasteners that attach some swim tops to pants/leggings and help you avoid exposure in and out of the water.
Pairing a water-friendly hijab with your DIY modest swimsuit can be also be a challenge. A good option would be to choose a hijab created for sports such as the popular Nike Pro hijab or similar hijabs produced by modest brands (Image: @summeralbarcha)
Get the look: Oolasports | Nike | Adidas
11. Swim Hijabs
Image source: Muslim Girl | Marwa Abdulhai
Pairing a water-friendly hijab with your DIY modest swimsuit can be a challenge as well. A good option would be to choose a hijab created for sports such as the popular Nike Pro hijab or similar hijabs produced by modest brands
Get the Hijab Look: Bella Hijabs | Coolibar | Nike
We're thrilled to see more brands embracing modesty, and we hope to see more brands create modest swimwear. Modest swimwear can be difficult to find, but there are some good options out there! Although the prices can be a bit much, consider it to be an investment for years to come! We hope that our suggestions will keep you comfortable and covered poolside and on the beach this summer!
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