How Our HH Team Gets Our Sweat On to Benefit Our Mind, Body and Soul
Jun 6, 2023
Munirah from our HH community wears our FlexFit HH Sport Hijab in Smoke.
There’s something about the start of warm summer weather (especially when it comes after the intensity of Ramadan and fasting has passed) that makes us want to get out, stretch our limbs and re-engage with nature and physical activity. We all know how regular physical activity and exercise contributes to the health of our whole body and mind. So why do so many of us struggle to move our bodies?
Perhaps what trips us up sometimes in committing to regular activity is the misunderstanding of what physical activity can be for us as individuals. Maybe you think it has to be those traditional forms we all know - running, biking, going to the gym, cardio, strength training or what have you. And if you love any of those things, great!
But engaging in physical activity with the goal of engaging our mind and our senses and just moving our body in different ways – it all counts for something. Maybe you’re in a stage of life right now where regular gym workouts are not a good fit. Maybe you don’t like to exercise. Maybe you want to be a runner, or used to be, but it’s just not your thing now.
The important thing is to get out of our heads and do something in an effort to help ourselves to feel better. As our The Haute Take Editor Dilshad writes, “I hope for you all what I hope for ourselves: That we get out of our heads, that we value our own health, that we do something about it.”
We asked our own HH team what they like to do by way of physical activity and taking care of their physical selves. We hope our activities help you get out there and find something you physically love to do as well!
Sandy Abdallah – CX Manager
Runner Noor Alexandria Abukaram wears our FlexFit in Rose.
I love running, when I used to run. But it’s been a year or so since I ran! (Editor’s note - Sandy had a baby several months ago, her fourth!) I love being in my own world and just running with really good music on. (If there’s no music, forget it!) It’s freeing and makes me feel really strong. I need to take this up again!
Lindsay Dreyer – CRM Manager
1. Sleep. That may not seem like a physical activity, but it’s pretty much the most important thing for me. I get run down and burned out very easily – always have, and I feel it more when I socialize a lot, which I enjoy doing (extroverted introvert problems). Sometimes "quiet time" toddler-style also helps too. LOL
2. Spend time outside. I NEED the sun. I crave the sun. Without it I feel icky, run down, and blah. We've been biking a lot lately, and the physical exercise + the sun is the perfect combo. That said ... don’t forget SUNSCREEN. I wear it every day, every time I leave the house.
3. Pilates, when I have time. I don't like to exercise (I do NOT understand people who run, but props to them!), and maybe it's because I worked so hard for so many years of my life doing ballet, and I honestly don't have any more cares to give! But pilates is low impact, helps me stretch and feels like I am lengthening my muscles and joints. And, you can go at your own pace. It's just a nice way to exercise. I also like that it's generally all women in a closed class – the studio where I go is a safe, welcoming and inclusive space.
Elizabeth Walsh – Product Manager
Recently, I have "rebranded" physical health as a part of my self-care routine. Previously, I viewed them as separate concepts. Unfortunately, I used to associate physical health solely with appearance, and working out was driven by vanity. Now I approach it from a more holistic and even spiritual perspective. Gardening serves as a good example of this shift. I never considered it as beneficial for my physical health before.
Image source: Pexels; photo by Cottonbro Studios
However, I now realize that it not only makes me break a sweat while pulling out weeds or digging, but also provides grounding by connecting with the earth and offering me a break from screen time, which benefits my eyes.
Ingrid Thvedt – HH Chief Financial Officer
I've gained a newfound respect for rest days – letting myself just go on a long walk and enjoy myself instead of working out super hard. When my muscles aren't broken, I only push myself 1-3 times a week anymore, and I still stay in shape. So, it's all good.
Dilshad D. Ali – Blog Editor of The Haute Take
Admittedly I’ve never been a fan of exercise. I’ve had periods in my life where I’ve “gone to the gym” (but only did the treadmill), tried yoga classes briefly, tried a strength training bootcamp and injured my neck and a few other things. None of it stuck beyond taking regular walks in my surrounding neighborhoods by myself or with my family. When it comes to physical activity and exercise, I’ve kind of been stuck in my head about it.
Triathelete Jeri Villarreal proves you can get active at any age.
This year I asked my family to get me a bike for my birthday, which they did. So now I bike ride around the neighborhood, not with the intention to be intense, but with the goal of pumping my legs and enjoying the ride. I also realized that I needed to pay money to someone to make me exercise regularly, because I am my own worst motivator.
So, I signed on with a lovely local Muslimah fitness instructor, with whom I’ve now been doing fitness and strength training classes thrice weekly since January – I think it’s the longest stretch I’ve consistently exercised in YEARS. (I even did modified exercise in Ramadan. Like wow! Who am I?)
And, I still go for walks and water my plants. Seeing each new leaf and flower makes me happy.
What's your favorite go-to physical activity? How do you motivate yourself to keep moving? Share with us in the comments below!
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