Honoring Palestine Through Fashion By Styling Our New Bamboo Woven Colors
Jan 25, 2024
Who’s already ready for winter to end? This time of year always feels odd to me, as though we are in limbo and waiting out the remaining chilly months while patiently anticipating the warmth of spring. Sometimes, we need a kick of color in our lives to keep us moving and motivated. And so, in honor of my Palestinian heritage, I wanted to share a taste of Palestinian dress while also showcasing some of our new woven hijab collection.
Our 2024 Bamboo Woven winter colors will surely wake up your hijab game, and add a splash of technicolor to your outfits. What I love most about these colors is that you can cozy them up while we wait out the remaining of winter, and can also style them in the light and airy breezes of the upcoming spring and summer.
These new Woven colors are sure to become a staple in your hijab wardrobe. The styling possibilities are endless!
Bringing Back Tatreez
Black maxi dresses are super handy and easy piece to style with numerous hijabs. No matter the season, you can always benefit from this versatile capsule piece. For cooler weather, pair it with a thick coat or colorful bomber jacket. I love the pink and purple contrast against the black. It's the perfect blank canvas to experiment with all of our new Woven colors. The Lilac Star bamboo woven hijab pairs beautifully with the intricate Palestinian embroidery known as tatreez on this dress.
Fun fact: In tatreez, there are countless motifs and designs that were once created by Palestinian women inspired by their surroundings in nature, symbols portraying their beliefs, their season of life and what they were going through. Tatreez was also a reflection of one’s socioeconomic and marital status, depending on the color, placement, intricacy and use of fabrics.
Normalize the Keffiyeh
We’re sticking with the all black theme, because nothing screams technicolor hijab more than a black canvas with which to pair it! A wide leg jean pants with a soft turtleneck are both fall and winter capsule pieces that I make sure to have. You can go so many ways with this look by adding chunky cardigans, sweaters, jackets, shawls or my personal pick – a keffiyeh!
Simply fold the keffiyeh into a triangle and use a belt to secure the waist. Add a pop of color with one of our new Wovens to the black and white pattern for a bold statement.
The keffiyeh is an iconic black-and-white or red-and-white scarf adopted by many countries in the Middle East and is part of Arab culture. Men usually wear this headscarf as part of their cultural dress. In Palestine, it has historically become a symbol of Palestinian culture and is deeply rooted in the Palestinian identity of resistance to cultural erasure and our right to exist in our homeland.
Fun fact: Just like with tatreez, the different symbols on the keffiyeh represent various aspects of Palestinian life. The fishnet pattern symbolizes the importance of the fishing trade and the fishermen who have historically played an integral part of the economy and livelihood of Palestine. The bold black lines represent historical trade routes that pass through Palestine. The leaf design symbolizes the leaves of the olive trees, a significant agricultural, economic and cultural symbol.
Learn more about the history and significance of the keffiyeh and its symbolism here.
Reimagine Your Classic Denim Jacket
No matter the season, a denim jacket is a must have in your modest fashion wardrobe. It is a capsule item that can go with a variety of different pieces depending on the weather or occasion. Growing up, I loved pairing my summer dresses with a cropped or hip-length jean jacket, in more recent years the oversized, baggy look is my preference. You can also play around with your look and add some character by mixing and matching your denim washes.
A maxi denim skirt is another go-to staple piece that can work in so many different ways. It is a trend that is making a comeback, and I am all here for it. It brings back memories of my teenage hijab years! I love the look of the jacket with a straight cut denim skirt, although you can always pair your jacket with a maxi dress or jeans.
You can’t go wrong topping off this ensemble with any of our new woven colors, but I love the pop of pink of the Viva Magenta hijab that perfectly complements the embroidery on the back. I love the application of tatreez on this denim jacket. I have seen many stitchers take on similar projects and stitch on the back of their jean jackets, which I personally have added to my tatreez project idea list!
Fun fact: The design on the back of this denim jacket is derived and reimagined from an iconic chest design of the Gaza region thobe, Palestinian dress. The motifs and placement mimic historical architecture of the region. Here, the triangles resemble the shapes found on historical homes that were known for jagged triangular designs around their doorways. The color scheme of the Gazan dress is also famous for incorporating bright vibrant colors such as purples, blues and pinks. These colors were extracted from snails and hand dyed. Because Gaza is a coastal region and had an abundance of snails, these colors became popular and widely used in Gaza’s embroidery.
Dress To Preserve Indigenous Traditions & Culture
While we are still in the thick of winter, I couldn’t help but include a good maxi dress option for all of us who are anticipating warmer days to come. When I find a good maxi, long sleeve dress on the market, I make sure to snag it for an easy, put-together look.
What I love about maxi full sleeve dresses is that depending on the hijab style and fabric, you can go casual with one of our woven flowy hijabs or dress up your look with one of our Everyday Chiffons. I love the bold contrast of bright colors that the electric blue and Viva Magenta woven offer. This will be one of my go to outfits in the spring and summer, for sure!
Fun fact: I added tatreez to this linen dress after visiting The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in the summer of 2022. I was in awe of all the thobes on display that were indigenous to the North Sinai, Egypt region, which shares its border with South of Gaza. Naturally and prior to occupation, the dwellers of both regions would mingle and share customs and traditions, hence the overlap in tatreez dress designs, patterns and colors between the Sinai region and Gaza.
The thobes of the Sinai region, similar to those of Gaza, are known for their bright, bold use of colors such as hot pink, orange, red and blue that reflects the bright and bold spirit of Egyptian culture.
Which of our new Bamboo Woven colors will you rock? Be sure to tag us @hautehijab. We love to see your style!I hope this post has inspired you to think outside the box and add a splash of color to your outfit while continuing to stand up for justice, stand against oppression, and amplify the voices of those being silenced.

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