Haute Hijab Sport is Here — A Letter from the CEO
Melanie's Corner
Sep 22, 2020
Melanie Elturk
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Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir
When I look back on the biggest moments here at Haute Hijab, few come close to the feeling of elation I have today. This one is important. Not just because we're putting something functional and beautiful into the world, but because this one carries great weight. Weight from all those strong, trailblazing, fierce Muslim women upon whose shoulders we all stand. This is about our freedom. Our innate right to defy societal expectations and truly break barriers.
For too long, Muslim women have been left out of the conversation around athletics. Women who wear hijab have been banned from playing their sport professionally, disqualified for wearing hijab in school sports and altogether overlooked and regarded as a group of women who aren't athletic – or worse, aren't interested in sports. And yet, Muslim women are more engaged in sport than ever. It's time we claim our spot in the ring.
That's why I'm incredibly proud to introduce: Haute Hijab Sport.
In the coming days you're going to see a movement take hold. A movement that champions the unmatched strength, power, and skill that Muslim female athletes possess and how they continuously demolish barriers in the pursuit of greatness. Quite literally, no one can ban Muslim women from realizing their true potential.
At Haute Hijab, we don't just create the world's best hijabs, we exist to change the world. We're taking the sports world by storm and amplifying the voices of athletes who have sacrificed their life goals and ambitions to pave the way for the rest of us. Their stories will not only leave you inspired and proud, but motivated to add your voice to the movement too.
As for the products themselves, whether you're an intense athlete or simply taking a walk in the park, Haute Hijab Sport is the answer to our workout woes and actually address our needs as hijab-wearing women. Each one of our designs was inspired by the Laban science of movement, with mix-and-match options to find the perfect fit. Groundbreaking S.Café textile technology with sustainability at the forefront utilizes recycled coffee grounds to provide a feather-light fabric that repels odors, dries quickly and protects from the sun with an ice-cool feel proven to lower body temperature.
But it doesn't stop there. Through extensive research and advanced design, we fused the need for functional and athletic needs without compromising aesthetic. This collection is the perfect symbiosis between comfort and beauty. We know the existing products out there have left you wanting more, and that one-size-fits-all simply doesn't cut it. You deserve options; sport hijabs that make you look and feel beautiful. No more makeshifts. No more compromises.
On September 22nd we're providing you with hijabs that perform for movements that matter. We hope you'll join us.
With all my love,
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