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Jan 23, 2020
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
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Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
Editorial note: This month we are running a series focusing on foundations – how we can build solid foundations across all areas of our life to help ground us so that we can embrace all that our deen (religion) and dunya (the world) have to offer us. We will be covering foundations of marriage, faith, your morning routine, relationships, mental health/self care, technology, hijab and other areas. Each focus could really be a book, but we will try and break it down into the most useful, attainable and basic things we can do to build critical foundations in our lives.
Establishing strong foundations and building blocks across our lives (and ones that we adjust as we move through different stages of life) are key to helping us stay grounded and, well, solid in whatever we are trying to do. Thus far on the blog, we’ve talked about creating strong foundations for one’s marriage, for our morning routines, with familial relationships, for high-tech and low-tech living and more. At Haute Hijab, we are also about foundations – those strong bases for wearing hijab and feeling supported in doing so to help us in feeling strong, confident, powerful and beautiful.
We’ve been putting together products to be the foundational basis for how you wear your hijab (Shaping Scrunchies, Ultimate Underscarves, beautiful hijabs and more to come), but we also have a litany of resources in place on our site and throughout our various platforms to support you on your hijab and faith journey.
You may be surrounded by family, friends and community to support you in wearing hijab. Or, you may be the first in your circle to wear hijab, and in turn may not know where to go or who to turn to in order to become comfortable in this new life and type of attire. This process is as much about feeling supported and confident as it is about searching for a hijab style that is modest and comfortable for you — a way for you to be you in hijab.
The good news is, you’re definitely in the right place, Alhamdullilah! Our first brand pillar at Haute Hijab is community — and we take it very seriously. Since we started in 2010, HH has worked hard to support and build the most amazing and genuine community through a variety of ways, including this blog, our videos and tutorials and different support systems, which we hope will help serve as the building blocks of modest dressing living for you:
The Haute Hijab Blog
If you’re here reading this post, you already know that the HH blog is a terrific hub and resource for our communities! The blog has been around nearly as long as Haute Hijab has, and in the past ten years we’ve amassed quite the library of articles, posts, how-to’s and stories to help you with nearly every step of your hijab journey, from "is the hijab fard (mandatory?)?" to "do I need to be perfect in my Islam to wear hijab?" to every sort of style post imaginable.
We also explore the lives of Muslim women (those who wear the hijab and those who don’t), different issues facing our communities, news and current events and personal essays exploring all facets of Muslim living. You can subscribe to the blog to receive all our articles as they are published, search our large archives for whatever you’re looking for or find our posts all over our various social media platforms.
Haute Hijab on Instagram
If you are seeking to ask HH’s own Melanie any type of question regarding hijab, modest dressing, faith or anything, really, our @hautehijab account on Instagram is one of the best ways. Melanie handles that account and is extremely in tune with responding to comments and DMs. Besides the beautiful photos she posts, she features information about our product drops and exciting launches as well as sharing her own life with our community. We also have a second account on IG, @hhspottedclub, helmed by our Social Media Specialist Mona Mostafa. This is where we feature beautiful photos of women spotted in their HHs, and Mona personally keeps up with the comments, questions and DMs to this account.
Haute Hijab Community on Facebook
When people reach out to us with hijab-related questions and seek advice, we’re more than happy to help! We created the Haute Hijab Community Facebook group to share hijab tips, tutorials, outfit advice and so much more! Our #HHFam has even started their own Buy-Sell-Trade on the page to buy, sell or trade Haute Hijab prints or colors they’ve had for a while and would like to switch up!
We invite you to join the group and join the conversation there as well! (Just search for "Haute Hijab Community" on Facebook and send us a request to join!) The best part about our community is that whenever you need a helping hand, all the ladies in the group are more than happy to assist!
Haute Hijab YouTube Channel
From countless hijab styling videos to Melanie herself answering all your questions, our HH YouTube channel is a powerful resource of how-to tutorials, fun videos, advice, round-table discussions and more. There is all sorts of resources available through our video library to answer your questions and help you wear your hijab in different fabrics and styles.
Haute Hijab Support Email
Some women and girls reach out to us for more serious or more personal hijab matters, and we’re happy to help in that way as well! We’ve created a support email,, where you can contact us if you need an extra hand, and one of our HH team members will respond and try their best to assist you Insha’Allah!
We do want to point out that we are not therapists, but we do have our own personal hijab experiences and will do our best to assist or refer you to someone else who can.
The Definitive Hijab Style Guide
Figuring out what kind of hijab style suits you is a process, sometimes over the course of your lifetime as you change and grow. We've put together our Definitive Hijab Style Guide to show you how to wrap your hijab in different styles based on your face shape, how much coverage you want and even if you wear glasses or not. If you've been styling your hijab a certain way for a long time, maybe try some of the other styles suggested in our guide! Have fun with it!
We hope you’ll avail these resources and reach out to us for any and all support needs and questions you may have. Having good foundations in place to help you with your hijab, modest dressing and faith journey is so crucial. Together we can all uplift and empower each other!
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