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Celebrate the Graduate in Your Life! Our Graduation Gift Guide is Here to Help!
May 29, 2020
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
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Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
Graduation ceremonies may have been disrupted due to school/college shutdowns and the COVID-19 global pandemic, but that doesn't negate the wonderful accomplishments of everyone who graduated in 2020! And though we may not be able to see our graduates or partake in a celebration ceremony, we should fete our favorite grads!
If you're looking for some beautiful gift sets, Haute Hijab merch, other accessories or even a gift card to give to your your grad, we've got you covered! 
1. A Sophisticated Gift for a Grad Looking Towards the Future
If you want to get something really special and elevated for your grad, our Heritage Collection hijabs make a luxurious gift that’s sure to become a favorite heirloom. Each print was designed to invoke the timeless glamour of vintage printed silks, but ours are perfectly sized to wear as a hijab with subtle touches inspired by Islamic art. 
Featured products: The Modern | The Ornate Gold | The Crest | The Classic | The Pastel 
2. Gift Sets for Grads On the Go!
Our Hijab Sets might be the single most convenient way to treat your loved ones to beautiful pieces they’ll love. Splurge on our beautifully curated sets of chiffon neutrals, spring prints or formal-ready satins.
3. Totes, Mugs and More!
How about getting the graduate in your life one of our fabulous HH totes that touts her hijabi pride to carry her important stuff where ever she is going? Or an HH mug to sip her favorite hot/warm beverage in? 
4. Great Foundations for Great Graduates
Shopping for someone who seems to have it all? Or perhaps for someone who is still building their collection? Either way, you can't go wrong with innovative underscarves (built-in sun protection and skincare, anyone?), shaping scrunchies and ultra-strong hijab magnets to take her hijab game to the next level. Having thoughtfully designed accessories can make a huge difference when it comes to wearing hijab with confidence and ease.
Featured products: Criss-Cross Underscarf | Large Scrunchie | Small Scrunchie | Magnets
5. For the Woman Who Likes a Little Oomph and Glitter
Graduation season may fall during social distancing this year, but that doesn't mean we can't help the grads in our lives get dressed up! Our Deco Collection has you covered with beautiful pieces that add just a touch of extra glam to our most-loved fabrics like Chiffon and Jersey, with matching underscarves to bring it all together. The result is subtle enough to wear everyday, but special enough to dress up for whatever reason!
Featured products: Satin-Edge Chiffon Sets in Black & Pearl | Metallic Jersey Set in Silver | Metallic Underscarf in Brushed Platinum
6. Don't Know What She'd Like? Gift Cards are the Way to Go!
As always, our gift e-cards are perfect for last-minute gifting, available in amounts from $25 all the way up to $250. We also offer convenient gift wrapping – so whatever gifts you choose can be packaged in beautiful, reusable Haute Hijab boxes and shipped with personalized gift messages for everyone on your list – the next best thing to being able to give gifts in person.
We'd like to wish all the 2020 graduates well! Mubarak/Mabrook on all your accomplishments! This year did not end how you envisioned, but that doesn't mean your future isn't bright and full of glorious possibilities! Insha'Allah you'll go on to do great things!
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