5 Categories of Du'as (Prayers) for a Season of Viruses and Illnesses
Dec 13, 2022
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'Tis the season of illness. Everywhere we turn it seems that some sort of sickness abounds – colds, flu, RSV, covid. And, if you happen to be a blessed parent to a child under the age of 6 (who attends daycare, preschool, kindergarten or first grade), most likely it's been a never ending cycle of one illness to the next.
We all (hopefully) know the drill of how to try and protect our children and ourselves (handwashing, masking in indoor spaces as much as possible, good sleep, minimize stress, healthy eating and exercise and other immunity-boosting practices), but sometimes (especially with young children), it feels like an impossible task.
Alhamdulillah, then, for the gift of du'a (prayer). As noted in this article from The Muslim Vibe, "When we make du'a, we are asking Allah (S) to grant the sick person a speedy and complete recovery. We are also asking Allah (S) to ease their pain and suffering. Making du'a for the sick is a way of showing our compassion and care for them. It is also a way of fulfilling our duty as Muslims to help those in need."
Here are some du'as you can recite for yourself or a loved one who is ill, adapted from TMV.
1. Du'as for physical sickness and ailments
One powerful du'a for physical sicknesses such as muscular spasms, bone pain, cuts and bruises is to rub your hand on the affected area and say the following:
Allahumma Rabban-naas, azhibil-ba’s, washfi antash-Shaafi laa shifaa’a illaa shifaa’uka, shifaa’an laa yughaadiru saqamaa.
"O Allah, Lord of mankind, do away with my suffering. Heal (me) as You are the only Healer and there is no cure except that of Yours, it is that which leaves no ailment behind."
You can try this for yourself or do it for someone else who might be in too much pain to do it themselves. Recite the du'a as many times as needed.
There is a similar du'a for physical sickness mentioned in Sahih Muslim. Before reciting the du'a one should place their hand on the affected area and say the following:
Bismillah (three times) ‘A’udhu bi’izzatillahi wa qudratihi min sharri ma ajidu wa ‘uhadhiru (seven times).
"In the Name of Allah (x3) I seek refuge with Allah and with His Power from the evil that afflicts me and that which I apprehend ."
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2. Du'as for physical sickness and/or mental distress
In Sunan Abi Dawud, the Prophet has advised his companions to recite the following if they or someone they know is sick:
Robbana-Allahullazi fis-samaai taqoddasas-muka amruka fis-samaai wal-ardhi kamaa rohmatuka fis-samaai faj-al rohmataka fil-ardhi. Ighfir lanaa huubanaa wa khotoyaanaa anta robbut-toyyibeen. Anzil rohmatan min rohmatika wa shifaan min shifaaika ‘alaa haazal-waja’i fa-yabra’u.
"Oh our Lord Allah Who is in Heaven, Holy be Your name, Your will is done in heaven and on earth; as Your mercy is in heaven, bestow it upon the earth. Forgive us of our sins and our wrong ways. You are the Lord of the good. Send down mercy from You and remedy from You to heal upon this pain, so that it is healed up."
This beautiful dua left behind by our Prophet can be said for any sickness.
Imam Ali ibn Musa ar-Ridha (d. 202AH), encouraged people to recite two du'as to alleviate any kind of sickness:
O-e’ezo nafsee be-rabbil arze wa rabbis samaaa-e o-e’ezo nafsee bil-lazee laa yazurro ma-a’s mehi daa-un o-e’ezo nafsee bil-lazis mohu baraktun wa shefaaun.
"I seek protection for myself in the Lord of the earth and the Lord of the heavens. I seek protection for myself in Him with Whose Name no disease causes harm. I seek protection for myself in Him Whose Name is a blessing and healing."
Yaa munzelash shefaaa-e wa muzhebad daa-e anzil a’laa waja-e’yash shefaa-e.
"O Bestower of healing and Remover of illness, send down healing for my ailment."
3. The du'a of Prophet Ayub from the Quran.
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The following du'a is mentioned in verse 83 of Surah al-Anbiyaa:
Rabbi annee massaniyad-durru wa-anta arhamur-raahimeen.
"My Lord. Indeed, adversity has touched me, and you are the Most Merciful of the merciful."
The authenticity of any du'a in the Quran cannot be doubted, making this du'a more powerful than any other. This short and beautiful dua for the sick can be recited for any ailment – physical or mental, such as depression, anxiety and stress.
4. Last but not least ...
The wife of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), Aisha (ra), mentioned in Bukhari that when the Prophet would get sick, he would seek recourse through the holy verses of the Quran. He did this when he had a serious illness:
  • Recite Surah al-Falaq once
  • Recite Surah An-Nas once
  • Blow your breath over the entire body.
Our sickness or ailment could be caused by the evil eye or through the scheming of shaytan. This surahs can be a protection and push away any unseen forces affecting our physical or mental state.
5. Draw on and invoke the names of Allah (S)
Allah (S) has 99 beautiful names. One of them is Ash-Shaafee, meaning the One who cures and heals. If for whatever reason you are unable to recite du'as, invoking Allah (S) through his attribute as the Healer can help us manage sickness.
We pray you and your loved ones maintain good health this winter season (and beyond). And if you are dealing with any kind of sickness, we pray you and/or your loved ones receive full and immediate shif'aa.
The original and full verison of this article was originally published in The Muslim Vibe. What du'as or ayats of the Quran do you recite for sickness? Share with us in the comments below.
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