Dear Spouses and Kids – Here's What Moms REALLY Want for Mother's Day
May 6, 2022
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As the hadith goes, your mother, your mother, your mother.
Growing up, I was not raised in a household that celebrated Mother’s Day in the way that it is encouraged in North American society. On the contrary, my father discouraged holidays such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and encouraged us to shower our parents with love all throughout the year and make it spontaneous.
But after marriage and seeing how my husband loved celebrating the day with his mom and aunts, I learned to appreciate the holiday for what it is: A special day designated to pamper your mama and/or any mom figure in your life. Of course we can do this throughout the year, but having a set date to look forward to is also a fun way to honor our mothers, if you’re into that sort of thing.
As a mother myself, although I do not put much emphasis on the holiday, I can definitely appreciate the sentiment and enjoy getting pampered. I mean, who doesn’t? And while our spouses may try to do something special for their mom or their children’s mom, sometimes they need guidance! So to all of the spouses out there, if you are not sure what to do for your own mother and the mother of your children this mother’s day, I’m here to help you out.
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1. Do the planning, ALL of the planning.
Throughout the year, moms are often the ones in charge of most of the family’s events and social planning, whether that’s afterschool activities, coordinating playdates, birthday parties, dinner gatherings, family vacations and so on. It would be lovely for you, dear husband, to take control of logistics and plan out the ENTIRE day!
Figure out what the kids will be doing, any babysitting accommodations that may be needed and make the necessary reservations for eating out or activities. Don’t just make a reservation and expect your wife to shore up babysitting duties or clean the kitchen after you and the kiddos make a nice meal. Basically hold down the fort!
Image source: Pexels
Ideas for reservations and activities:
  • Breakfast in bed, and get the kids involved! Include a card and flowers. (To my husband who is reading this, my favorite are peonies: HINT HINT!)
  • Brunch at mom’s favorite restaurant, but with no young kids! Trying to eat out with little ones is pretty much not fun for anyone.
  • Dinner date at mom’s favorite restaurant.
  • Cook mom’s favorite dinner.
  • If she loves cats, give her time alone at a cat cafe.
  • If she loves nature and plants, give her time alone at a nursery, and check for classes such as terrarium building or succulent planting classes.
  • Gardening in the yard with mom – help her plant whatever she wants to plant!
  • Strawberry picking with the family.
  • Flower picking at your local fields.
  • Mother’s Day photoshoot, especially if she loves getting a good photo for the ‘gram!
  • Hike alone (or with the family, if that what she prefers)..
  • Arts and crafts activity at the park with the kids.
  • Day at the spa.
  • Night alone at a hotel.
At the heart of this is thinking about what she would like that she normally doesn’t get to do. Perhaps she is with her kids all the time, and she would like a mother’s day activity with the kids. Perhaps she wants a break and some space. Whatever it is, just make the arrangements and take care of the details that normally you wouldn’t have to think about because she would be doing that.
2. Watch the kids and leave mama alone.
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Don’t get me wrong, we love our kids! Kids are a blessing that we never take (or shouldn’t take) for granted. But, we are also human and need a break from time to time. Dad, this is for you! This mother’s day, take the children and leave mama alone. Leave her alone for the morning, for the afternoon, for the whole day – whatever she wants.
Sometimes a mama just wants to enjoy her house with nobody else in it. Plan some activities for you and the children to do outside of the home so mom can enjoy some peace and quiet.
Ideas for a Mother’s Day in
  • Let her sleep in.
  • Let her take a nap.
  • Let her have an empty home for some quiet time.
  • Let her do her favorite activity (read a book, embroidery, watch TV) without interruption.
  • Let her take a bubble bath or a long shower with all the self-care things she may want to do.
  • Make a care basket for her to enjoy throughout the day. You can include things like candles, bath bomb, a mug, water bottle, tea bags or coffee, fuzzy socks, house slippers, set of new pajamas and robe, books or activity such as embroidery, adult coloring book with colored pencils or markers, her favorite chocolate bar and candy, her favorite snacks, a plant to add to her collection.
3. Do ALL of the chores for a day (or heck, a week or a month if you’re feeling ambitious).
Instead of mama helping with the homework, maybe dad or older siblings help! Image source: Pexels
Yes, all of the chores. We know you help out, and we see you and appreciate you. But for this Mother’s Day, make it a mission to take on ALL of the chores from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. I’m talking everything! Mom is hands off for the day.
List of chores to get done for mom:
  • Get the kids ready for the day.
  • If the kids are young, clean the bathrooms and their rooms afterwards. If they are old enough, have them do their part in the chores.
  • Make the beds. If mom is still sleeping or lounging in bed, be sure to make it after she gets out. (This is important!)
  • Make breakfast.
  • Clean the dishes. Load and unload the dishwasher.
  • Fold and put away the laundry.
  • Feed and clean the pets.
  • Clean up after any activities the kids may be doing.
  • Change diapers throughout the day or any dirty clothes.
  • Entertain the kids.
  • Make or order dinner and clean up afterwards.
  • Help the kids with their homework if needed.
  • Get the kids ready for bed and put them to sleep.
  • Schedule for a home cleaner to do a deep clean on a separate day.
Oftentimes we don’t think about all the little details a mom manages throughout the day, and if you can think about that and take care of those things, it will make a mom feel that much more appreciated. Plus, a lot of these things don’t cost money (or that much money), and the care and thought you put into what you do for your mom or your kids’ mom (or take off their plate) is priceless.
Does your family like to do something special for mother’s day? Do you like to sprinkle the love and support throughout the year? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!
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