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6 Gift Ideas to Honor Your Mama this Mother's Day and Beyond!
May 2, 2019
Noor Suleiman
staff writer
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Noor Suleiman
staff writer
I read somewhere that being a mom is forever walking around with a piece (or pieces) of your heart outside of your body. I think it's the best way to describe motherhood. You love, you sacrifice, care, nurture, worry. You worry some more, and then love even more. You never stop giving - from yourself, your soul, your body, and your heart. No wonder, subhanAllah, that the Prophet (saw) said that Jannah lies under your mother's feet. There truly is little you can do to repay your mom for an ounce of what she's done for you. 
But, we can try! it's always a great time to show your mama how much you love her. Here are some ideas for things to gift your mom, just in time for Mother's Day! (And hint - it doesn't have to be something material!) Whether you celebrate in your family or not, if there's one person you should *always* splurge on or make time for, it's your mama. So take this as a general gift guide for her! 
1. Give the gift of Haute Hijab.
Elevate your mama's hijab game by giving her the gift of Haute Hijab! 😉Any of these would make great gifts! 
  • An HH Collector Set. Our collector sets are curated to fit any number of needs, from color pallets to seasonal collections, and will never disappoint! Since Mother's Day falls during Ramadan, consider getting one of our Ramadan Collector Sets, designed for ease and simplicity! 
  • An HH Gift Card. Leave it up to her to browse the site and shop freely; a luxury many mamas forgo as they are raising their children! 
  • An Essential Silk Hijab. What's better than gifting her a hijab made out of one of the most coveted and luxurious fabrics on earth?! 
  • A Luxury Collection Hijab. Does she have a special occasion coming up? Perhaps the wedding of one of her children? Give her the crown she deserves! 
  • You can also buy her fun print, an HH underscarf for everyday ease and comfort, or even create your own gift box (simply add the hijabs you want to your cart, and select the gift box option upon checkout!). The options are endless! 
    2. Give the gift of rest. 
    There are not many people on Earth that deserve rest more than a mother! Here are some ways to give your mama the gift of rest! Your mom may even love and appreciate it if you accompany her to the spa or wherever she likes to go! Consider these ideas:
  • A spa day/massage
  • A mani/pedi date (can be at the salon or DIY!)
  • A cleaning service to take care of the home
  • A warm, hot meal to show your appreciation for her!
  • You can also opt for an in-home pampering session. Fresh gift boxes, for example, have great skincare masks, washes and creams that would make for an amazing DIY facial! 
    3. Give the gift of quality time. 
    Your mom just wants more quality time with you. She wants you to love her and cherish her, and above all, to spend time with her. Take her out on a fun date, go shopping, go to her favorite park or garden (find a botanical garden near you - they're so beautiful). If she's adventurous, take her hiking (such great bonding!!) or even take her on a fun excursion! Groupon is chock-full of great activities that are super budget friendly. If your budget is big enough and your schedule allows for it, splurge on a mother-daughter getaway! Whatever you decide, I guarantee you can't go wrong with giving your mom some quality time with you! 
    If you live away from your mom, perhaps consider gifting her something that would make communication easier between the two of you, like an iPad, computer or new phone for clearer facetime sessions! 
    4. Give the gift of LOVE! 
    Chances are, most of us are terrible at showing our moms (and parents in general) just how much we love them. We easily get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and many times take them for granted. We underestimate how much it will mean to them for us to simply show/tell them how much we love them. Your mom doesn't always need a grand gesture to show her just how much you love her. It's the simple everyday moments that mean the most. Make sure you call your mom at least once a day and always tell her how much you love her. Ask her about her day.
    But, it also doesn't hurt to go the extra mile once in a while! Perhaps gather your siblings and make a video telling her all the things you love about her, and all your favorite moments growing up. Will it make her cry? Yeah. Will she love and cherish it forever? Definitely! You can also consider sentimental gifts such as a personalized calendar with family pictures, a photo-wall gallery (Mixtiles is a great and affordable option for this), a family album or a printed photo book or mug!  
    5. Make her wish come true!
    Does your mom have a bucket list of unchecked things she'd *love* to do someday? Talk to her about it, and figure out what her unfulfilled dreams are. For some, it may be as simple as learning to ride a bike or swim. Find something on her bucket list to help her fill. She. Will. Be. So. Happy. 
    Again, Groupon activities is full of budget-friendly ideas! Simply put in your zip code to find the things near you! 
    6. Give the gift of dua and good deeds
    Some of our mothers have passed away, but there is still something we can do for her. Make a special dua for your mother each and every day, and it will benefit her in the grave and in her afterlife, inshallah! Abu Hurayrah reported that Allah (S)'s Messenger said:
    "When a human being dies, all of his deeds are terminated except for three types: an ongoing sadaqah, a knowledge (of Islam) from which others benefit, and a righteous child who makes du'a for him."
    Keep your mother in your duas, every day, and pray that Allah (S) forgives her of all sins and enters her into Jannah without any judgment! Pray for her eternal happiness and comfort. It's the least you can do for her, and if she's passed, and one of the best things that will help her. 
    Another way to help your mother is to set up an ongoing charity in her name! We love LaunchGood as a platform for setting up charities and doing acts of sadaqa. You can do a number of things, like setting up a well, building a masjid or school and so on.
    Give the gift that means the most to her! 
    Ultimately, the goal is for you to speak your mom's love language and give her what will mean the most to her! Give your mom what suits her and what she would like, not what you think she would like. If you don't have a great relationship with your mom, it's never too late to turn a new page and start over. The important thing is to make her feel loved. 
    To all the mamas out there, Happy Mother's Day, today, and every day! May you always feel how loved and cherished you are, and may Allah (S) continuously reward you for all that you do for us! We are nothing without you! 
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