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Choose the Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones with Our HH Ramadan Gift Guide
Apr 1, 2021
Sandy Abdallah
staff writer
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Sandy Abdallah
staff writer
In a few short weeks, the most blessed month of the year will finally arrive! One of the most beautiful aspects of Ramadan is welcoming the month with heartfelt exchanges between families, neighbors and loved ones. Ramadan greetings are a long-standing tradition and part of that beautiful practice includes gift giving! Especially when we may not be able to see each other as much as we want due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, giving gifts is a great way to share joy and love.
The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, “Exchange gifts as that will lead to increasing your love for one another. (Bukhari)” Whether you have been preparing for Ramadan or have yet to get started, we are here for you. Our Haute Hijab Ramadan Gift Guide can help you choose the perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones to start Ramadan on a warm and loving note.
Exclusive Ramadan Sets
Ramadan Dusk Jersey and Woven Set
It’s no surprise that HH’s new Ramadan sets top our list! They are easy, beautiful, and thoughtfully curated. You can even choose from either Chiffon, with your choice of size, or Jersey and Bamboo Woven!
The Ramadan Dawn Chiffon set features a high in-demand staple – neutrals! With three of our top-selling Everyday Chiffon Hijabs in Graphite, Dusty Mauve and Vanilla, it will be a hit for the professional in your life or anyone who loves to rock a polished look.
The Ramadan Dawn Jersey and Woven set is ideal for those who enjoy a more relaxed and breezy style. It features our Bamboo Woven Hijab in Pearl and two of our Premium Jersey Hijabs in Pewter and Blush.
The Ramadan Dusk Chiffon set features luxuriously rich jewel tones with the Everyday Chiffon Hijabs in Plum, Bordeaux and Jade Teal for dressing up and getting fancy or for brightening up an everyday look!
The Ramadan Dusk Jersey and Woven set includes our Bamboo Woven Hijab in Currant and two of our Premium Jersey Hijabs in Evergreen and Amethyst for a comfortable look that delivers great style through stunning color.
Ready-to-Go Hijab and Accessory Sets
New Hijabi Starter Kit
Our hijab and accessory sets take the guesswork out of combining the best of our premium quality hijabs and game-changing accessories. One of our favorites is the New Hijabi Starter Kit for anyone who has recently started wearing hijab or has made the intention to do so.
This thoughtful gift includes all the essentials, with three chiffon and jersey hijabs, our Classic Underscarf, a Shaping Scrunchie, and our No-Snag Hijab Magnets. It also comes with all the extras, like our HH Magazine, filled to the brim with valuable information on hijab styles and fabrics, wardrobe essentials, inspiring pieces on grounding your intentions, feeling confident in hijab and more; plus a fun set of HH stickers and a tote bag take this kit to the next level.
Among our other ready-to-go gift sets, we have our Foundations Sets that all but guarantee a great hijab day. These sets include an Ultimate Underscarf of your choice, our Shaping Scrunchie and our No-Snag Hijab Magnets.
Check out the entire Hijab and Accessory Sets page to see all of the best pairings and bundles that fit various budgets, come beautifully packed, and are sure to bring joy.
A Fine Gift of Silk
The Heritage Silk Collection makes for a luxurious and beautifully presented gift. Made from 100% silk, The Crest, The Classic, The Ornate Gold and The Pastel celebrate the Muslim woman confidently owning her heritage as she strides boldly into the future. Each stunning piece showcases stunning Islamic art elements in your choice of gorgeous neutral, bold or intricate designs. This is one choice you can’t go wrong with.
For the Active Hijabi
The Bilqis Bundle
Whether you know an athlete or someone who casually works out, she will appreciate the Bilqis Bundle - Athletic Kit curated by basketballer Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir herself! It might be just the encouragement needed to stay active during Ramadan. You can also build your own kit from among the Sport Collection for an extra-special customized touch.
From ultra-strong hijab magnets, underscarves with cooling technology and scrunchies for that flawless shape, we’ve got you covered! Each piece is custom-designed by us to ensure the highest functionality and quality. These aren't your average hijab accessories and make for fantastic gifts on their own or as a finishing touch. Throw in an HH mug or an empowering tote bag for an essential and delightful gift.
Don’t Know What to Give? Give an Instant Gift!
Have you waited too long or simply not sure what to get? Who doesn’t love gift cards? Get your friends or loved ones one from their favorite place to purchase everything hijab, and you’ve got yourself a winner! After purchasing the Haute Hijab eCard, it will be immediately delivered to your inbox. You will have the option to either send the recipient a digital gift card with a customized message or to view and print the gift card to mail or hand-deliver yourself!
Once you decide on the perfect gift, the hard part is over. You’ll have the option to choose gift wrapping and to include a personalized note at checkout. We will lovingly pack and ship out your sweet package straight to the lucky lady who will be delighted to receive it, Insha’Allah. So go ahead and give a gift; it’s sunnah! May Allah (S) make this Ramadan full of love, blessings and spiritual fulfillment for you and your loved ones. Ramadan Mubarak!
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