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Bride, Bridal Party or Guest – Wedding Season Deserves the Perfect Hijab!
Jul 6, 2021
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
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Katie is looking stunning in our Everyday Chiffon in Vanilla! Image source: @hhspottedclub
Haute Hijab Staff
staff writer
It feels like everyone is either attending a wedding (or multiple weddings), some sort of wedding event (like a bridal shower) or is getting married themselves this summer. After many months of sheltering in place and cancelling most large events of any kind, wedding season is back!
Too often as we plan a wedding outfit (whether it’s our own or as a guest) we may not give our hijabs the attention they deserve. But what you choose for your hijab and the all important foundations of hijab – the fabric, style and color, underscarf, hijab accessories – adds the most beautiful finishing touches to your wedding hijab style.
Whether you’re going for an ivory palette, something drenched in color or that perfect sheen and sparkle in your hijab, we’ve got an array of options plus the foundational pieces to pull together a seamless and polished look that will help you feel confident, modest and beautiful.
Here Comes the Bride …
Depending on your bridal cultural influences, you may be looking for white or ivory options for your wedding ensemble or something more colorful. Let’s start by talking about all shades of white. Chiffon is always a classic, beautiful, effortless hijab fabric to wear in any sort of occasion, including weddings. Its crisp, matte finish makes it the perfect fabric to layer underneath a more embellished veil, while its elegant drape also makes it a great option to wear all on its own!
Our fashion writer Rowayda is wearing Georgette in Ivory; image source: @rowaydakawji, @hhspottedclub
We’ve a few shades of white to suit different dress hues and skin tones: try Pearl in our Recycled Chiffon for a hint of pink undertone, Ivory for a classic, neutral-toned option, a cool-toned Winter White or warm-toned Vanilla with a slight golden hue.
If you want to glam it up some more, consider wearing Satin! Satin is such a spot- on hijab fabric for wedding functions, whether you’re a bride or a guest. It brings luxe, sheen and elegance to any ensemble. Our Ivory in Satin or even our Champagne (a pale beige with a slight pink undertone) are both beautiful options for brides. The shiny finish can make it one of the more slippery fabrics to wear, but the right foundations will set you up for a comfortable and secure style. Use one of our No-Snag Hijab Magnets to help keep it secure and consider wearing one of our Ultimate Underscarves to help your hijab stay in place all event long.
Turn up the Color!
Weddings are also a glorious time to showcase color and brightness in all its panache! Silks, Satins and Chiffons all have plenty to offer by way of matching and complimentary colors to whatever you’re wearing. We just love the jewel tones in our Perfect Satin Hijabs, including this vibrant Bordeaux, this stunning Emerald and gorgeous Navy. The liquid shine of these beauties is everything!
The best part about our Satin collection is that it includes the must-have neutrals we all need for weddings and all its accompanying functions: Silver, Gold, Black, Rose Taupe, Apricot Blush and Rose Quartz (for all your pink needs).
HH Ambassador Mahwish is wearing our Recycled Chiffon in Blush; image source: @hhspottedclub
If you want to stick with the Everyday Chiffon for something that is easy to care for, naturally wrinkle-resistant (great if you have to travel to a wedding) and lets you achieve a streamlined look, there is no end to the beautiful color choices. Whatever you’re wearing, we’re pretty sure we have a matching or complimentary hijab color to tie everything together. There’s so many that we can’t list them all here. We invite you to peruse the collection and find what works for you! (But oh, this Jade Teal is singing our song right now!)
If you’re in the mood for an elegant silk hijab to be that pièce de resistance in your wedding ensemble, go for one of our Heritage Silk hijabs. These elegant square silk hijabs draw design inspiration from Islamic architecture, tessellations, calligraphic elements and vintage glamour. They make for an instant heirloom and a stunning addition to your next formal look!
Don’t Forget the Foundations!
Ok, so you’ve chosen the perfect hijabs to wear with your wedding attire. Let’s make sure your hijab style is on point by adding the right foundations and accessories to complete the look. If you’ve chosen a Silk or Satin (and even with a Chiffon if you like that extra sense of security), choose one of our Ultimate Underscarves, which come in an array of neutral colors and styles (Classic, Criss-Cross and Barely There). We also developed, after months of research, our Silk-Blend Satin Underscarf (in Mink and Black) for sisters with natural hair, although the silky lining and hidden silicone band for security make it a treat for any hair type
Our Rose Quartz Satin hijab gains a nice shape from its Shaping Scrunchie underneath.
You’ll also want to consider getting a Shaping Scrunchie (in Velvet or Jersey) to help secure and shape your bun nicely under your hijab. These scrunchies (which come in two sizes) really help to create a nice rounded shape without being over-the-top – choose a small size if you have long or thick hair, or a large size if you have short or thin hair. And finally, our No-Snag Hijab Magnets are really the perfect way to secure your hijab and be that little hint of shine you didn’t know you wanted! These beauties come in five options – Silver, Gold, Gunmetal, Rose Gold and Matte Black.
Pro-tip: When it comes to hijab foundations, one way to make life easier is to get one of our Foundation Sets, which pairs an underscarf, scrunchie and magnet set together with a nifty value add!
We hope you have a safe and wonderful wedding season! Whether you are a bride, in the bridal party or a wedding guest, we can’t say enough about choosing beautiful hijabs and accessories to help you feel your best!
Have any questions about what hijab or hijab color you should wear? Let us help you! Email us at or join our Facebook group!
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