Ask Haute Hijab – An Advice Column for Muslim Women, by Muslim Women
Mar 7, 2022
Dear Sisters,
We know it’s not always easy – any of it. Navigating our lives as Muslim women, figuring out relationships, seeking support when we feel alone, trying to figure stuff out, trying to center our faith, learning about our faith especially if we are new to it, wearing hijab, the decision to wear it (or not wear it), trying to renew intentions if you’ve been wearing it awhile and aren’t “feeling it” and on and on.
Everyday we get up and go out into this world to live our lives, and sometimes we need help figuring out just what we’re supposed to do or how to reconcile something that may be difficult or bothering us.
As Muslims, we have a responsibility to help our fellow sisters in need, as iterated in Surah Tawbah, in which Allah (S) says, “The believers, men and women, are protectors of one another: they enjoin what is just and forbid what is evil.” [9:71] We are taught to form a supportive, tight-knit community, an ummah that looks out for each other, who are there for each other. Here at Haute Hijab, helping sisters is part of our core philosophy.
We have always strived to do that in all areas of our interaction with you – through DMs on Instagram, by answering your emails, by chatting with you in our private Facebook Support Group. If you’re an OG HH community member, you may remember our old “Ask Haute Hijab” and “Ask Melanie” advice columns that used to grace the pages of our blog, where we would do our best to answer your questions and guide you to resources that could help you.
Well, we’re bringing it back!
We are so excited to re-launch our “Ask Haute Hijab” column, where we will be sifting through the questions you email us, offering advice and responding to a few of your questions every month. Our HH team will take turns answering your questions to the best of our abilities, and when we aren’t qualified to answer a question, we’ll make sure to direct you to resources that can, Insha’Allah, help.
Here’s the important stuff you need to know:
How to seek advice or ask a question: Email us at and with the subject line: “Ask Haute Hijab” and if your question is chosen, it will be added to this advice column!
Disclaimer: We are not licensed therapists, religious scholars or social workers. We cannot be responsible for the decisions you make, but we can provide a listening ear, support and possibly point you towards resources that can help, Insha’Allah. We also can’t promise to answer every question or call for advice that is submitted to us.
Our brand is part of a wider community, and in addition to providing beautiful, high-quality hijabs to Muslim women, our duty is to aid our community and provide support to you. We are here for you, and as this advice column takes off, we hope to possibly bring it in to IG Live format or feature questions and answers on IG Stories
But for now, we’re starting off by kicking it old school with our “Ask Haute Hijab” advice column. We pray that it will be beneficial for all of our sisters out there.
With love,
The Haute Hijab Team
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