UPDATE: Want to Support a Healthcare Professional in the Fight Against COVID-19? Here's How
Mar 25, 2020
We're reading stories about how healthcare professionals are reusing masks (or going without), or how they're coming home from their job as a nurse, doctor, medical tech or any other healthcare position and immediately wiping down everything they have, washing their clothes and cleaning up before they do anything else. We've seen the photos they've shared on social media holding placards that say, "We go to work for you, please stay home for us."
In wanting to help, we launched a campaign earlier to give away 250 hijabs to healthcare workers fighting COVID-19 on the front lines, and Alhamdullilah, we reached max capacity in a mere 45 minutes.
Now, we've figured out a way for you to help us give back more.
So many of you reached out saying you want to help by either donating or sending a hijab to someone who needs it. Now, you can! If you'd like to purchase a hijab that will be given to someone in the medical community working to fight the coronavirus, here's how it works:
1. If you want to buy a hijab that will be sent to a healthcare professional, you can do so here.
2.  If you're a healthcare professional who wants to receive a hijab OR if you know someone who is, fill out this form.
3. If you want to buy a hijab and send it to someone specifically yourself, you can do so as you'd normally would on our site by simply putting in their shipping address when purchasing the hijab.
The hijabs that we will send to healthcare workers are our premium Jersey hijabs, which are machine washable, easy to dry and look great wash after wash after wash. Our care instructions recommend ironing, but you can totally smooth it out with your hands, toss it on and go.
Thank you again to our medical professionals for your compassion, dedication, and resilience. Mash'Allah. Alhamdullilah. You are the true heroes. May Allah (S) protect you and keep you safe. Thank you to our community for helping us give back to these front-line fighters. May Allah (S) keep all of us safe and under His protection, Ameen.
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