A Few Words for the New Year on All We've Accomplished Together!
Melanie's Corner
Jan 3, 2022
Melanie Elturk
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Salam Fam,
And just like that … another year in the books, Alhamdulillah. With 2021 closed and in the books and 2022 freshly unfolding in front of us, I can’t help but reflect on just how much we’ve all changed in the past two years. In 2021, Allah (S) taught us to hold on to Him and trust His plans, even with our eyes closed. Last year we grappled with the insanity that overlapped from 2020 and had to slowly shed who we used to be – and begin to transform into our new selves. And still, it was about trusting Allah (S) through the unknown. 

This year, we laughed and cried together. We were vulnerable with one another. We uplifted each other, and we supported each other. And for you, and the Haute Hijab community, I will be forever grateful. Serving Allah (S) is my biggest driver – through serving you. It is what brings me the most joy and peace, Alhamdulillah. 

As I look back at 2021 at HH, I’m nothing short of proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together. Here are just a few highlights:
You’ve joined us in giving charity.
This year, you helped us donate more than 700 hijabs to Afghan refugees.

With your support of our campaigns with ACC, we’ve been able to pay a portion of two students’ tuition to advance their education, debt free!
You had a positive impact on our environment.
With your purchases of our Recycled Chiffon Hijabs, we were able to rescue 28,786 plastic bottles from entering landfills and our oceans!

Your purchases of both the HH Sport collection as well as our Bamboo Wovens and Bamboo underscarves have also had a positive impact on the environment.
You changed policies.
With your support for our #CantBanUs campaign, we’ve helped repeal bans on religious headwear in multiple sports with the National Federation of High School Sports!

You’ve inspired.
When you participate in our campaigns (most recently #LikeYouMeanItHH) and wear hijab loudly and proudly, you silently inspire so many women who are struggling (my emails and DMs are flooded with testimonials).

You’ve shown the world that with God by your side, there is nothing a Muslim woman can’t do. Want proof? Just check out the countless profiles we’ve done on the blog featuring women in our community who are using their talents to make the world a better place. 
Even in my darkest days this year, you have shown me that we can always make an impact. Sometimes, that impact is just on yourself, and your own personal and spiritual journey. Other times, that impact is felt by your immediate family (I see you, mama, with your plate overflowing, and your time devoted to taking care of others). Sometimes, the impact is felt on your local community, and other times, it’s felt on the world. No matter what season of life you are in right now, know this: Allah (S) just wants you to do your best, and we are behind you in every way we can be. You are not alone, and you are so loved.

Every day, you all inspire me to work toward a better world. As mothers, students, professionals, and everything in between, we are the "World’s Most Powerful Women." Here at HH, we proudly work alongside you and consider it a distinct honor to serve you.

Lastly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for choosing Haute Hijab, and trusting us to create innovative products that make wearing hijab easy, comfortable, and joyful. Thank you for trusting us with something as personal as your hijab – we will continue to fight for you no matter what gets thrown our way.

Remember, you are brilliant and beautiful, just the way you are. Here’s to a transformative 2022 Insha'Allah!

All my love and gratitude,
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