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A Hijabi's Guide To Building Your Hijab Collection
Melanie's Corner
Jan 4, 2016
Melanie Elturk
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Melanie Elturk
So you're a new hijabi (congrats!) or you're in a hijab rut and need to start from scratch, or maybe you never really took the time to build up your hijab repertoire - either way, here are my tips to building the perfect hijab collection!
1) What's Your Signature Hijab Style?
To feel confident in hijab, you need to make sure you're comfortable in it. So, first you need to figure out exactly what hijab style works for you. Do you prefer scarves, or wraps? Sleek and polished or lots of drape? The only way to find out is experiment! Have fun watching my tutorials on YouTube to figure out exactly what style works for you - once you've nailed it, you'll know exactly what to do each morning and how to feel great in hijab everyday!
Once I figured out my signature hijab style (above) it completely transformed the way I felt in hijab! Take the time to figure it out - it'll be one of the best things you do to feel absolutely confident in hijab!
2) Solids
Now that you know your signature style, you need to start with the basics - solids! Know what colors work best on your skin tone (for more on that - visit my blogpost here) and stock up on those basics. For me and my medium skin tone, that means lots of beautiful neutrals like sand (above), taupe, ivory, blush pink (below), dusty rose, navy, olive and camel and some great jewel tones like emerald, royal purple, cobalt and bright pink.
These solids will be the foundation of your hijab collection - they'll be the one's you grab at a minute's notice and the no-fail options when you're out of ideas or simply don't have time to think about it.
3) Material
Next, you're gonna need to know what materials work best on you. Much of this will depend on what hijab style you prefer. Since I prefer the square style, chiffon works best on me. When I feel like wearing wraps, I stick to wovens like viscose and when I'm traveling I *definitely* need my HH Essentials Jerseys! Not sure what material works best on you? Experiment! Try out our signature chiffon in scarves and wraps to see if they work on you - or maybe you want to try a more volumized look with our Viscose or Modal - and don't forget to try our best-selling Jersey's - they're super versatile and *a must* when traveling - no pins needed?                   Yes please!
Once you know what materials you prefer - stock up on all those basics and compartmentalize in your mind when you wear which material so you can coordinate accordingly.
4) Prints
Now that you know what materials you prefer and stock up on all the solids you need you can start to venture into prints. For this, you're going to want to think about what settings you find yourself in - professional, academic, weekend-wear, etc, and stock up on the appropriate prints. Florals can work across pretty much every setting and then there are the other staples like stripes, polka-dots, leopard, houndstooth, abstract, chain-link, paisleys, arabesque, equestrian and nautical themed prints.
Again, with prints you're going to want to experiment - it took me a while to see a print and know instantly whether it'll work on me or not. Feeling bold? Try a print on print ensemble - but be sure to follow my rules here.
5) The Ensemble
Once you figure out what hijab style looks good on you - you also want to make sure your hijab and outfit are cohesive. For more on that - check out my blog post on A Hijabi's Guide to Matching Your Hijab to Your Outfit.
For this look I kept it pretty classic and went with the no-fail black and white print on a black and white monochrome outfit.
6) The Essentials - Pins, etc.
Again, depending on your hijab style, you're going to want to stock up on all those essentials! Do you wear an undercap underneath your hijab? If so, what colors do you need to stock up on? Make sure you have all the pins you need handy - I like to store them in a little tin case on my dresser so they're all in one place and readily available when I need them. I use the plastic hijab pins for under my neck and run-of-the-mill safety pins for everything else.
7) Hijab Storage
Finally, with all your new additions to your hijab collection - you're gonna want to make sure you store them in an efficient and easy way. Remember, out of sight, out of mind. Keep them right where you can see them and access them easily. Check out my blogpost (more here) on not only the best ways to store your hijabs, but how to care and wash them as well!
Questions? Comments? Leave them below or e-mail us at!
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