A Hijabi's Guide to Shopping: Should You Buy It?
Melanie's Corner
Oct 21, 2013
Melanie Elturk
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When it comes to shopping we're no strangers, and chances are, if you look into your closet you'll find a lot of clothing and other items you don't wear. Here are are ten tips to help you next time you hit the mall (or your laptop!)
Does it ascribe to Islamic guidelines? This is the absolute first question you should ask yourself, because if the answer to this is no, you can put it down and walk away. Does it have 3/4 sleeves? Is the top cut too low? Is it too tight? Even if they're skinny jeans that you tell yourself you're going to wear a long shirt over - they shouldn't be skin tight. Do not, I repeat, do not wear leggings as pants. Walk away from the leggings (yes, even the leather ones).
Does it fit well? This is the very next question you should ask yourself. Despite the price, the fabulous color or amazing details - if it doesn't fit well, do not buy it! You won't feel comfortable when you wear it, which means it'll sit in your closet and get passed up for an item that does fit well. (If you absolutely must-have it, ask yourself if it's worth spending the extra cash to get it tailored). 
Does it work with hijab?It may ascribe to Islamic guidelines of modesty, but does it work with hijab? Meaning, will hijab pair nicely with the piece without looking forced? An example of this are halter or party tops with cut-outs and thin straps - yes, it may be loose, but throwing a long-sleeve top underneath and a hijab on top looks a little forced. Hijab should complete the outfit, not compete with it.
Will it last me more than one season? Of course, timeless pieces are your best options - but at the very least, buy something you can wear throughout the year by styling it differently. Even if the item only costs $10.00 - buying something for one season isn't worth cluttering your closet over.
Do I already own what I need to make it wearable? You found an awesome dress but have nothing that will work with it? Unless it's an absolute grand-slam piece, if you have to go out and spend more money to make the piece work, it might not be worth it.
 Is it well-made? Go for quality over quantity. Resist the urge to go Forever 21 crazy! Yes, it's inexpensive. Yes, it's trendy. Yes, it's going to fall apart after one wash.
Do I already have a hijab to match? If you don't already own a hijab that matches the piece you're drooling over, it may just sit in your closet. (Of course, you always have Haute Hijab if you absolutely have to have it! ;)
Do I already own something similar? If so, have I worn them? I'll be the first to admit I have far more white-collared shirts than I should, but I do wear all of them. Unless you get wear out of all your similar items (maybe you're a long-cardi kind of girl) then it might not be a wise purchase.
Can I return it if I need to? Sometimes you realize you don't like something after you get home. A good return policy is your safety net. Beware of exchange-only policies. Be sure you absolutely love the item and try it on before purchasing; which leads to our last point...
Do I absolutely love it? This is a question I constantly ask myself. If I'm just satisfied, or worse, indifferent about something but drawn in because of price, trendiness of some other quality, then walk away. You should only buy something if you absolutely have to have it - as such, you should love everything in your closet! A great litmus test is to walk away from something you're deciding on. If you're still thinking about it at the end of the day, it's a good indication you really love it.
Agree with our tips? Have more to share? Comment below or e-mail us at blog@hautehijab.com!
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