9 Ways We All Can Build, Nurture and Protect Our Confidence in Our Daily Lives
Aug 16, 2023
Melanie writes messages of self affirmation on her mirror while wearing our Bold Boa hijab.
Editorial Note: As part of Haute Hijab Academy, we are running a series on “building confidence” at various stages of our lives, talking about what deters us or takes away our confidence, why being confident is an important life tool and how to nurture confidence within ourselves and the women and girls in our lives.
In this lead up to the 2023-2024 school year and a return to fall and our home and work routines, we've been focused (here at Haute Hijab Academy) on how we build, nurture and protect our confidence at various stages in our lives. Being self-confident in a way that is healthy and empowers us to be our best while also being present and supportive of those in our family/community is so important.
And how we nurture our confidence in addition to how those around us help us build (or strip us of) our confidence can look different depending on where we are in our life. We were curious to know what you do to protect and nurture your own confidence. Here's what nine of you had to say!
1. Might sound strange, but stay humble. And oh, exercise!
That doesn't sound strange at all to us! Maintaining humility as we live our lives can be incredibly grounding and nurture gratitude, which in turn can help us feel confident about what we have going for us. And exercise always helps to increase dopamine and help us to feel good!
Image source: Pexels.
2. Positive self talk, self affirmations, self worth – it comes from within.
So, so true! If we rely on external expressions to help us feel confident, we are setting ourselves up for possible failure when we don't hear from others what we need to hear to feel good about ourselves. Talking positively about ourselves and recognizing our strengths and gifts all helps us to feel confident.
3. Read! About everything, all the time! Never stop reading. Knowledge is power!
Ok, ok! we see where you are going with this! If we encourage ourselves to read and keep learning throughout our lives, we are in a constant journey of acquiring knowledge, which certainly can boost one's self confidence in navigating this world!
4. Remember the people who love me for who I am. Also, [its worthwhile] to look in the mirror, do my makeup, dress up.
It definitely helps to be mindful of your social circle and be around people who love you the way you are and want the best for you, even if that means disagreeing with you at times. And if dressing up, doing your makeup helps you feel yourself and feel your confidence, by all means go for it!
5. I think of how far I've come and keep telling myself, we're all faking it until we make it!
You are so right. It helps to reflect upon our journeys from time to time and remind ourselves of where we were (maybe during a period of struggle) and where we are now. That can be so confidence-boosting.
Image source: Unsplash.
6. Spend time alone.
Oh wow. Yes. Melanie talks about this all the time in her Instagram stories, how learning to be comfortable with herself, to spend time alone with herself was crucial to building up her confidence. When you're comfortable just being by yourself, that is a confidence booster.
7. I remember that Allah (S) knows what my true intentions are and knows me best.
Seriously, this is the best thing we can invest in to protect our confidence. If we maintain our relationship with Allah (S) and pour our heart out to Him, the good and the bad, we can take such comfort in knowing that He knows who we are and what is in our heart. There is a quiet confidence of self in that.
8. If my actions align with my values (and thereby, my soul), there's nothing to worry about.
Ameen, sister! Shore up your actions with your values. Be your best inside and out, and you have nothing to worry about. It's the ultimate confident way to live life.
9. Workout, keep learning and focus on my progress.
Well, this last one encompasses all of the ones above it. If we can center our physical health, our mental health (through learning and mindfulness) and remind ourselves of our progress in life, no matter how incremental it is, we are setting ourselves up for self confidence.
So, how do YOU nurture, grow and protect your confidence? Share with us in the comments below!
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