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7 Brands That Are Prioritizing Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Fashion
Feb 22, 2021
Rowayda Kawji
contributing writer
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Image source: Kotn
Rowayda Kawji
contributing writer
The textile, clothing, and fashion industries are some of the most unsustainable industries in the world and a major contributor to pollution and climate change. As we become more informed on fast vs. slow fashion, climate change and the lasting impact of our consumerism, fashion brands that emphasize sustainability are becoming more and more relevant and important.
Because these brands are still in the minority in the industry; you may not be aware of many of them. We’ve compiled a list of some of great brands focusing on sustainability and encourage you to champion them (and seek out more sustainability-prioritizing fashion brands) with your support and shopping dollars.
1. AAB Collection
AAB Collection offers well-made modest clothing with an emphasis on ethics and sustainability. Their designs are sophisticated and stylish without sacrificing modesty.
2. Inayah
Similar to AAB, Inayah also creates ethical and sustainable modest clothing in a variety of styles. They are known to have a nice collection of long-sleeve maxi dresses that are perfect for any modest dresser.
3. Kotn
Kotn is a brand on a mission to set the standard in conscious creation and consumption and their site features well-made basics that can serve as a sustainable foundation for any wardrobe. They are a “Certified B Corporation,” which means a part of each purchase goes to support cotton farmers in Egypt.
4. Ref Jeans
Denim is one of the most unsustainable textiles, with about 1.7 million tons of chemicals and 2,000 gallons of water going into the production of a typical pair of jeans. Ref Jeans creates jeans using more sustainable fibers to uphold the ethical and sustainable standard of their brand.
5. COS
COS, or Collection of Style, focuses on using fibers and fabrics that are either organic, recycled or sustainably sourced and better ensure animal, environmental and social welfare. Their designs are meant to be timeless and long-lasting to encourage a minimalist approach to fashion consumption.
6. Uniqlo
Accessible major retailer Uniqlo aims to create eco-friendly and exceptionally made clothing by focusing on both ethical and sustainable production to create affordable wardrobe staples.
7. Rent the Runway
A brand with a different approach, Rent the Runway allows customers to rent pieces for a time and return them to be used by others, encouraging re-wearing and recycling as well as promoting the pre-loved market.
BONUS: Haute Hijab
Finally we’ve been making our own strides at Haute Hijab to continually move in the direction of ethical and sustainable hijab production, from our Tuesday Drops (chiffon prints sourced from deadstock fabrics) to our Bamboo Woven hijabs made of bamboo in a more ethically-sourced manner to our HH Sport hijabs made of coffee beans. We are working on making existing product lines (like our Wovens) more sustainable as well as producing new eco-friendly hijab products, so that you can build a collection of beautiful hijabs without guilt.
What are some of your favorite sustainable-focused brands? Let us know in the comments below!
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