6 Ways to Pair Hijab Colors for Nearly Every Outfit of the Rainbow!
May 20, 2022
The warmer temps are back, the sun is bursting upon us, and it's a perfect time to bring out your colorful maxi dresses, breezy tunic tops and wide-leg pants – whatever modest clothing you like to wear to manage the heat and look gorgeous doing it!
(Check out how these women beat the heat with their hijab and clothing style!)
The spring and summer seasons are a great time to inject color into what may have been very black, gray and neutral-heavy winter clothing and hijab wardrobe. Drawing from the vibrant colors of the ROYGBIV rainbow color palette, we have six suggestions on hijabs and colors you can pair with whatever hues you choose to wear. Go on – choose a color and have some fun!
1. Make a bold statement at your next event with red!
For an elegant look, we're pairing our Perfect Satin in Gold with our Pavé Crystal Hijab Magnets with whatever red outfit you pull together.
2. Choose orange for that juicy pop of color!
You know what builds off any orange-hued outfit? Our Classic Pleat Hijab in Moxie, which pulls orange from it's beautifully abstract print design. Pair this with our No-Snag Hijab Magnet in Gold, and you're good to go!
3. Yellow, because it makes us feel happy for days on end.
There's so much versatility with all shades of yellow. Here, we pair it with a luxe Perfect Satin in Navy and our No-Snag Hijab Magnet in Silver.
4. Stunning green to bond with the beauty of nature.
Sure, you can pair a green outfit with any number of our green-hued hijabs for a monochrome look. But consider choosing our stunning Cascade Pleat in Cashmere for a drapey, dreamy look. Then bring it all home with our magnets in Rose Gold.
5. Blue is the neutral color you didn't know you needed.
We'd like to put forth our opinion that there isn't any woman who doesn't look good in shades of blue. If blue is your outfit color choice, consider pairing it with our Perfect Satin in Silver and our magnets in Silver to kick it all up another notch!
6. Violet, because you KNOW you're royalty!
There are so many ways to go with shades of violet. May we suggest pairing it with our Everyday Chiffon Hijab in Fig and stunning magnets in Gunmetal?
We're looking forward to seeing all your gorgeous, colorful hijab-and-outfit styles this summer! Be sure to tag us @hhspottedclub on Instagram!
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