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6 Ways to Have a Haute Woman Summer, Have Some Fun & Fall in Love With Yourself
Jun 14, 2022
Layla Abdullah-Poulos
contributing writer
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Image by R M for Pexels
Layla Abdullah-Poulos
contributing writer
Summer is here, and as temperatures rise and days get longer, many of us are thinking about ways to beat the heat while also enjoying the warmer weather. For years, the idea of a “Hot Girl Summer” trended on social media and generated a small, female-centered cultural phenomenon that encourages women to let loose and have a blast, building their confidence and valuing one’s self.
All good things, but what if your idea of letting loose is different from what is generally accepted as a good time? This is why Haute Hijab added “Haute Girl Summer” to the mix, and I’ve decided to take that one step further for more mature women like me. :)
As we age, what is considered fun may shift; but that doesn’t dampen our desire to enjoy ourselves and foster our self-esteem and personal growth. Many women in their 40s and older want to enjoy life without sacrificing their comforts and overall well-being. Additionally, mature Muslim women (or Muslim women of any age) may seek to have a slapping good time while honoring their deen and relationship with Allah (S). It is possible to “heat” up the summer with fun and seek spiritual and personal fulfillment in a way that aligns with your faith.
So, let’s take a look at “Hot Girl Summer” (or “Haute Girl Summer,” as we like to call it around here) and see how we can have a “Haute Woman Summer.”
What Does “Hot Girl vs Haute Girl Summer” Mean?
Image source: Pexels
The basic premise of “Hot Girl Summer” is to focus on yourself having a blast during the season, letting loose and living your best life with full confidence of knowing who you are.
Creator of hot girl summer, Meg Thee Stallion, explains that women can use the summer, “just being you, just having fun. It’s turning up, driving the boat and not giving a damn about what nobody’s saying. Being a Hot Girl is about being unapologetically YOU – having fun, being confident, living YOUR truth, being the life of the party etc.”
It may seem like ”Hot Girl Summer” is not a viable option for a Muslimah, especially one aged 40 and up. There is the potential for too much haram, and the idea of partying until you drop in the wee hours of the morning might not seem appealing, especially with responsibilities of family and work (or whatever are your responsibilities) waiting when the sun rises. The good news is that Haute Girl Summer is a vibe that you can tailor to your own summer of halal fun and self-discovery suited to your needs!
People from a range of backgrounds participate in “Hot Girl Summer.” The broadness of the definition for having a hot girl summer allows everyone to make it their own. Late nights at the club, streams of brown liquor and boats are not requirements. But, as long as you are doing what makes YOU happy (in whatever halal ways), you are participating in “Haute Girl Summer.”
So, you don’t have to compromise your deen, employment status or engage in risky behavior that may involve the local authorities. There need be no flinging off your hijab or missing any prayers. :) And if you’re like me, you can have a “Haute Woman Summer” that allows you to decompress from life’s stresses and engage in some self-love and self-care with friends.
Planning Your “Haute Woman Summer”
Image source: Pexels, photo by Alena Darmel.
First thing is to have a plan. Write down the things you want to do, the place(s) where you want to go and the people you want to spend time with. We can try to be spontaneous, but it doesn’t always work too well for us. Those of us over 40 (or at any age but juggling multiple responsibilities) must consider the demands on our time. Meeting the needs of kids, work, friends, family, the mosque and the community does not end with the vernal equinox.
You may have to prioritize and pick and choose what you want to do this summer, but do not give up on your "Haute Girl/Woman Summer" master plan! Decide on the things you can do. Pick those things that will still have you in bed at a decent time for work. Talk with family and friends about support with things like watching the kids.
Be creative and be mindful about your budget. The bills are going to keep coming with each sunrise, so be on the lookout for low-cost and free events and fun. Save your dollars for one extravaganza, if budget allows! Here are a few things you can consider adding to your list.
1. Make a list of events. Discover discount shows, classes and festivals through websites like Eventbrite,Meetup,Facebook Eventsand your local library. They are all usually chock full of great entertainment bargains. Don’t forget about your local parades, street fairs and festivals.
2. Plan to hang out time with the girls. If you sit back and think, you may be surprised to realize the last time you enjoyed some fun with your girlfriends. Playdates, couples nights and mosque functions do not count. Think about taking some time out this summer to gather the squad and bask in your womanhood and love for each other, validating how each of you is wonderful.
3. Brunch with girlfriends can always be a good time, but not a must.
Image source: Pexels
Consider lunch or dinner or a cookout. Gather whatever you were going to eat at home and meet up at the park! Enjoy a meal with your besties and allow yourselves to laugh out loud.
A book club can also be a way to have invigorating conversations and appreciate each for the other’s intellect and whit. Take turns selecting a variety of books that will entertain, enlighten and inspire.
4. Take a road trip. Pick a place on the map and drive. Hitting the road can be exciting and fun-filled. List your stops and any attractions that grab your fancy while you’re on the highway. Make sure to have your car checked before going anywhere, and be strategic about the safest times and routes for you to travel as well as the optimum hotels, Airbnb or bed and breakfast for you to lay down your head to re-energize and get back behind the wheel. Don’t want to travel alone? Get a group together and take turns driving.
Gas prices have you down? Check out train travel to an interesting location. Or, if you are traveling with friends, you can split the gas cost!
5. Visit the waterways. Go to the beach, lake, river or some other body of water that will help you relax, wonder at Allah’s (S) creation and have fun. There are often many activities near the water. Think about trying something like waterboarding/surfing, canoeing/rafting or sailing.
6. Plan a spiritual retreat. No, it’s not a party, but for many Muslimahs, spiritual development can be a challenge in a life full of people tugging at them to meet their needs. Getting away on a retreat gives you the chance to get back to the roots of your deen, find some clarity, relax, unwind and reflect on who you are. Take time to fall in love with yourself.
Ultimately, a Haute Girl (or Woman) Summer is about going breezily through the season doing what you love to center yourself, regardless of what others may think. Live it up and create the best you, Insha’Allah.
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