6 Muslim Women & Moments to Celebrate in 2021 Modest/Hijab Fashion
Dec 27, 2021
From L-R: Rawdah Mohamed, Asmaa Hussein, Jameelat Bakare, Hilal Ibrahim
The end of the year is often a time for reflection, and at the intersection of hijab fashion, modestwear and Muslim women, we absolutely killed it in 2021. While we could talk about the colors, trends and styles that dominated modestwear and hijab fashion this year, we wanted to focus on some of the notable moments that came from Muslim women in and around the industry as well as major achievements for various hijab and modestwear brands.
From a hijab launch at a major department store to a Muslim model’s return to the runway after a reckoning with the industry to a private reflection from an author on why wearing hijab is hard but so worth it, here are six big hijab and modest fashion moments that happened for our community in 2021 that we can continue celebrating into 2022.
1. Rawdah Mohamed Becomes Fashion Editor for Vogue Scandinavia
Image source: Vogue Scandanavia
I was already a huge fan of Rawdah’s unapologetic modest style before her huge announcement, and honestly it made perfect sense. In May 2021, Rawdah Mohamed (@rawdis) let us in on her big accomplishment –- becoming Norwegian Fashion Editor of Vogue Scandinavia. “I’m hoping to be a cultural force with lots of learning, growing and facing the challenges that come with it. Hope you all are as ready and proud as I am for this.” Muslim women need representation in high places in mainstream fashion, and Rawdah was born to be the woman for the job. We have been ready, sis. Now keep slaying!
2. Henna & Hijabs in Nordstrom
Image source: Twitter
Speaking of easier access to hijabs, did you know that Nordstrom now carries a line of hijabs in stores across the U.S. and Canada that is made by Muslim women, for Muslim women? I had the pleasure of attending the Henna & Hijabs launch party at the Nordstrom store in Tyson’s Corner of Northern Virginia this past October and met the CEO of Henna & Hijabs, Hilal Ibrahim, herself. Muslim women can now shop for outfits, hijabs, shoes, accessories and so much more in one stop at their local Nordstrom store.
In describing the collection, one caption on the Henna & Hijabs Instagram page reads, “This elegant and sustainable collection is a celebration of people and planet – with hijab-wearing women and modest fashion at the center. From everyday wear to Eid, find your next closet essential for every setting.” In addition to her Nordstrom debut, Hilal also launched a luxe hijab line for Black History Month and World Hijab Day. Bravo to all her hard work!
3. Halima Aden Returns to Fashion
Image source: Modanisa
Halima Aden, a superstar model and one of the first hijab-wearing models to break ground in the mainstream modeling world, left fashion after challenging the industry with a public display of accountability. It was a reckoning for her as well that she was not wearing hijab and holding up to her Islamic ideals as she personally would have liked to due to her modeling career. Halima wanted to take ownership of her experience and her hijab journey, and that meant stepping away from the industry to truly reflect on what was most important.
She decided to make a return to fashion in 2021, but this time working as the Global Brand Ambassador for Modanisa, one of the largest modest fashion brands in the world. “They share my faith and values, and fully respect my choices as a Muslim woman. I’m finally home 🧡,” says Aden in one of her posts announcing the new collaboration. Good for you Halima! Continue to shine brightly.
4. Jameelat Makes it into Sephora Squad
One of the sweetest women I’ve met this year, Jameelat Bakare is on her climb to the top of her game. One of the most coveted opportunities for beauty bloggers is a spot in Sephora Squad, which Jameelat easily snagged in 2021. “Black Muslim women have taken many strides in being a part of the beauty community and I’m grateful, Alhamdullilah, to be among those who get to represent us.” Sephora Squad is a yearlong, paid partnership with Sephora in which those chosen work on a variety of campaigns and marketing initiatives throughout the year in partnership with the ambassador marketing platform Fohr. Great job, Jameelat!
5. Haute Hijab Launches in the United Kingdom
In May of 20210, HH made the huge announcement that we have expanded to the United Kingdom UK! This was a giant leap for the HH team because with the opening of a new warehouse and fulfillment center in the UK, it meant no more customs fees, and access to free and reduced shipping rates. PLUS, all UK orders are now received within 2 business days, which makes it so much easier for our UK ladies to get their hands on their favorite HH products faster than ever. A huge win for HH, and an even greater win for HH fans in the UK!
6. Asmaa Hussein Gets Real About Hijab
Image source: Instagram
We know author Asmaa Hussein of @ruqayas.bookshelf isn’t in the modest fashion industry, but we feel compelled to include this moment because of how she speaks about her hijab, something many of us can relate with. Our collective love of hijab and modest style and cheering on the big moments of 2021 is the focus of this roundup, but the essence of all this comes back to our December #LikeYouMeanItHH campaign. Why do we wear hijab? Why do we engage in modestwear? What is our why?
In her viral post in August 2021, the author explained that she took off her hijab. But it wasn’t what you may think …
She went on to explain that on a completely secluded area of a beach, she felt comfortable enough to remove her hijab and just feel the wind in her hair. It was an emotional experience for a woman who has been wearing hijab for so long, and it caused her to reflect on her commitment to continue wearing it.
“And though it’s hard, I will hold onto it. Tightly. Fiercely. With vigour and patience. There is no other path I would choose, because He chose this for me. And I love and obey Him. In Jannah, I’ll feel this breeze in my hair again. Cool and gentle and kind, carrying a scent that is better than that of a thousand oceans.” Her post resonated to so many of us , garnering more than 204k likes. What a beautiful way to express the very human emotions of her hijab journey.
We pray 2021 was a good year for you, a year of reflection, growth and renewal, especially as we all continue to grapple with living with COVID-19. We've know that the attention we pay to our outwards appearance can help boost how we feel about ourselves or even help motivate us to do whatever it is we're trying to achieve.
So, here's to loving your own hijab and modest fashion style. May the coming year be a good one for you!
What were some of your favorite moments in hijab and modest fashion this past year? Share with us in the comments below!
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