6 Health (and Islamic) Benefits of Prioritizing Couples Time With Your Spouse
May 23, 2023
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By Zaiba Hasan
Are you a parent who hasn't had a break in years – or even decades? I know the feeling. My husband and I just took our first couples trip in 20 years; we just never felt comfortable leaving our children behind. But those few precious days were worth it. I finally had time to reconnect with my spouse and rediscover some of our unique qualities as a couple.
As parents, we know how hard it is to find peace and quiet in our hectic lives. But did you know that taking time for yourself and your partner can positively impact your mental, emotional and physical health? And it's even in line with Islamic values. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of alone time for couples and remember that a strong, healthy and loving marriage is beneficial not only for you and your spouse, but your whole family!
1. Strengthen Your Emotional Connection
Setting aside time to connect with your spouse can deepen your emotional bond and promote overall marital harmony. Islam places great value on love and companionship within a marriage, making it crucial to nurture these relationships regularly.
2. Reduce Stress and Promote Mental Wellness
Parenting can be stressful, and taking time for yourself and your partner allows you to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. By seeking peace and tranquility within your marriage, you can enjoy better mental and emotional well-being as Islamic teachings encourage.
3. Improve Communication and Unity
The author and her husband on their recent first getaway without their kids.
In our busy daily lives, communication can suffer. Alone time provides an environment where both partners can engage in meaningful conversations and be more open and honest. This fosters understanding, unity and emotional support – all values that Islam emphasizes in marital relationships.
4. Grow Spiritually and Faith(fully) Together
Alone time with your spouse can also nourish your spiritual connection. By engaging in acts of worship together, you can deepen your bond and strengthen your individual faith and mindfulness. This as an integral part of marital life and so important for our deen.
5. Promote Physical Well Being
Intimacy (both physical and mental) is vital to a healthy marriage and promotes physical and emotional well being. And we all know that once children enter into the picture, finding time to be fully present and intimate with your spouse can be challenging. By prioritizing intimate time with your partner, it makes for a healthier and more fulfilling marital relationship, which aligns with Islamic values a strong marital partnership.
6. Invest in Your Personal Development
The author and her husband.
Time alone with your spouse also enables you to pursue personal interests and self-reflection, promoting personal growth within the marriage. Islam emphasizes the importance of self improvement and self care for overall well being.
Investing in your relationship and creating a nurturing environment for your entire family can be accomplished by prioritizing alone time for yourself and your spouse. This practice offers numerous benefits to your life and aligns with so many of our Islamic values.
We recognize that not everyone has the wherewithal and privilege to be able to spend apart from one’s children. Some of us live far away from extended family who could help, or we have extenuating circumstances or maybe not the financial means to get away. If you can’t manage a few days away with your spouse, maybe try just for an evening or one night.
So, try and take some time for yourself and your partner! Doing so will help ensure your marriage's health and strengthen your connection with your spouse. May Allah (S) bless us all and guide us to find precious moments of solitude and connection with those we love.
Until next time,
Zaiba Hasan is part of the dynamic duo behind the award-winning podcast, Mommying While Muslim. She is the founder of and a spiritual parent coach at Emerge Consulting Solutions, an interfaith mediator and sports mama extraordinaire. Look for her on the baseball fields and basketball courts in the DMV (Washington, D.C.-Maryland-Virginia) area cheering from the sidelines.
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