5 Ways To Decorate Your Home For Ramadan & Eid by Days of Eid
May 1, 2017
Growing up in America, I loved Christmas time. The lights, the holiday music, the movies, the peppermint mochas - there's no denying that 'Christmas mood' we've all fallen in love with and look forward to every year. Unfortunately, Eid just doesn't pan out to be as exciting in comparison to the block party that is Christmas. For some, it can even be quite boring. Now that I’m a mommy of two little boys, I want to make Eid special for them, so I designed an Eid light lawn sign for my family and it was a huge hit! That’s how Days of Eid was born. Now, I make it a point to create a festive mood in my home for our Islamic holidays. 
Here are some ways you can decorate your home with items from Days of Eid, or your own items. Enjoy!
1. Light up your lawn!
One of my biggest inspirations for creating Days of Eid was growing up looking at all the Christmas lawn décor. Every year on Christmas night, my mother would drive us around our neighborhood and we would be in awe of all the lights. It was then that I fell in love with lights and Christmas and secretly wished Eid was just as exciting. That's why the first product I developed was the “Eid Mubarak" lawn sign that can be put on a window as well. They come in a few options: Eid Mubarak, Ramadan Kareem, and a crescent moon with a masjid minaret. Putting up a lawn sign is an extremely easy way to achieve that special holiday feeling!
2. Decorate your mantle!
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Every year, my social media feed is filled with AMAZING mantles decorated for Eid and Ramadan. Many moms buy all of the Ramadan and Eid letters at their local craft stores and paint and glitter glue them as much as they possibly can. I was one of these mommies until one year, I found marquee letters and thought, "Wow these are perfect!" I bought every single letter for Ramadan and Eid, assembled them, and put batteries in each one. At $14 a letter, I expected the letters to be of better quality than just thick paper stock. I was not impressed, so I developed my own set of marquees composed of 'Eid', 'Ramadan', and 'Mubarak' and added a Moroccan stencil watercolor pastel print inside each to incorporate Islamic art into them. The marquees are made of electroplated gold-colored stainless steel because I wanted to make sure these were a one-time buy. You can put them on your mantle, side tables, or even your dessert table to set that Ramadan mood.
3. Hang up festive banners!
I am guilty of creating banners for everything- Ramadan, Eid, birthdays - you name it! The problem for me was making sure every letter was clear and in a pretty font. When I designed the banners, I kept them simple and chic with classic burlap. Now, we have an annual Eid activity with the kids: adding a personal touch to our banners by decorating them with glitter or paint. Last year I put multicolor tissue paper tassels between each letter. This year I plan on having the kids paint the pennants and stamp their hand-prints on each one. If you have a really little one, dip their foot in paint and stamp the banner - because who doesn’t love baby feet?!
4. Count it down with a light box!
Light boxes were all the rage last year. But of course, not any light box is going to do it for me, as I always need to insert some Islamic touches to each product. I decided to go with a silver Moroccan stencil pattern all over the light box. I wanted to make sure that we can use this every day and not just in Ramadan, so I incorporated Islamic images like the Kaaba, a masjid, a bowl of dates, among others. I also decided to add some special sayings in Arabic like “Ramadan Kareem,” “Eid Mubarak,” and “Waqt al iftar al yawm” which translates to “Today’s Iftar is.” You can use it to keep the daily iftar time displayed because, let's face it, everyone is going to ask, “What time do we eat today?” You can also use it is to display what day of Ramadan it is or set up a countdown to Eid. It gives a great start to each day in Ramadan and makes it that much more special for the kids. 
5. Walk through a mystical hallway!
Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) is a great time during Ramadan. I have so many memories of my mother waking me up and having special treats ready for me during suhoor time. One way you can make that sleep-walk to the kitchen special is by hanging paper moon lanterns on your hallway ceiling. This creates a mystical mood in the middle of the night. Each lantern comes with an LED light with crescent moon and star cutouts all over to project stars and moons onto your walls and ceiling, which really creates that special atmosphere. The lanterns are also easy to fold up and put away for next year. This will also make Ramadan a special time not just for your own family but for all your guests during Ramadan and Eid. It’s amazing how lights have the ability to create a great atmosphere and a joyful mood!
Ramadan Mubarak from us at Days of Eid! We wish you a month filled with beautiful and light-filled (pun intended!) memories this year and every year to come!
To find all the products mentioned in this post, visit my Days of Eid website. If you have any questions or feedback, send me an email at customerservice@daysofeid.com 
What are your favorite ways to decorate your home for Ramadan & Eid? Share in the comments below!  
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