5 Things to Ask Yourself When Centering & Examining Your (Hijab) Intentions
Jan 4, 2023
Editor's note: It's time for our annual #LikeYouMeanItHH beginning-of-the-year reflection time! What does it mean to "wear it like you mean it?" We invite you (and ourselves) to renew our intentions and reflect on what our hijab (and faith and other areas of our lives) mean to us.
If hijab-wearing, and really all areas of our lives as Muslim women, begins with examining our intentions and making good ones, then what should we be asking ourselves? How can we encourage ourselves to do the work, to think deeply and thoughtfully about what role intentions play in what we do and why we do it?
We are taught that we should consider our niyyah, or intentions, make good intentions in everything we do – not just in our deen (faith) but also in our dunya (worldly pursuits). So, as you take the time to think about why you continue to wear hijab, or if you want to start wearing hijab, or any other aspect of your life to which you are trying to bring meaning and strength, consider these five questions. While they may seem simplistic, sometimes having a checklist at the ready is the jumpstart we need to examining our intentions and re-centering them.
1. Why are you doing what you are doing? For what reason?
2. What motivated you to start doing this thing (whether wearing hijab or focusing on communicating better with your spouse or engaging in some volunteer work or what have you)?
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3. Whom are we doing it for? Is it for praise? Is it because you want to be seen? Is it because you love this for yourself or for your family? Is it for the sake of Allah (S)?
4. Do you want to continue doing it? If there is even a microscopic "yes" in there, then it's worth examining.
5. What is making this thing, or doing this thing, hard? Because once you've identified the challenges, then (Insha'Allah), you can start planning and pursing how to mitigate those challenges.
What questions do you ask yourself when centering your intentions around hijab or any aspect of your life? Share with us in the comments below.
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