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5 Ramadan Prep Trends to Jump On, Including a Masjid Decorating Contest!
Apr 1, 2021
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By Rana Bacaloni
How do you prep for a Ramadan that will probably be similar in many ways to Ramadan of 2020, when COVID-19 swept across the world paralyzing our lives and confining us in our homes? With some planning, availing the trends that we've broken down for you and of course, bismillah!
While in lock down pre-Ramadan, we struggled to adjust to the new reality by finding creative ways to keep a semi-normal routine. Then came the fasting month, compelling us to juggle between online classrooms and trying to make Ramadan special for our children.
Whether your masjid will still be closed or offering limited tarawih prayers, whether you’re still not able to see your family or now can, we now are (somewhat) more prepared, at least psychologically! For those of us who are parents, Ramadan often begins and ends with instilling the spirit of the month in our children through worship practices, acts of charity and festive decor. Here are five fun trends you can jump on board to create excitement around Ramadan at home for your kids, including a fun masjid-decorating contest we’d love for your littles ones to take part in!
1. Creating a Masjid at Home
Decorating a cardboard mosque with your kids! Image source: Eid Creations
The number one trend has been making a life size masjid in a corner of the house, where your child can read Quran, pray, maybe do dhikr on a tasbeeh or just hang out. Many projects can be achieved with cardboard, and we see many inspirations on pinterest.
But for those of you who are not so creative or do not have time, you can purchase the structure from Eid Creations. The reversible masjid can either be painted with your children or can be used on the other white and faux gold side. Eid Creations is hosting a competition for the best colored masjids. If you purchased one, have your child(ren) decorate it, post a picture on IG and follow and tag @eidcreations for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate. Email Eid Creations with any questions, and check back here in early May to see contest winners and photos of decorated mosques!
2. Advent Calendars
The advent calendar has become a household item in Ramadan decorations; not only does it let children track the days of Ramadan, but it also brings excitement as they start nearing Eid and preparing for it. Many calendars are made out of fabric with pockets to put treats for children, others are made out of wood, serving as a home decor with mini drawers for treats. This year we made a cardboard calendar by incorporating the 30 good deeds printable that we offer for free.
The calendar comes with 30 good deed stickers that you put behind each door and window. Each day your child opens a window and door and sees what activity is listed. As he gets them done, he gets treats that you place behind each door/window. This exciting activity helps your child feel excited about doing good deeds.
3. Ramadan Books
Under the Ramadan Moon
Ramadan books are proliferating, Masha’Allah! What a better way to encourage children to get into the spirit of Ramadan then by having a library full of Ramadan books? It can even go inside the masjid playhouse! Check out this list of Ramadan-related books for kids on Amazon!
For babies and toddlers we recommend:
For Elementary School Children there is:
4. Ramadan Activities
There are so many great Ramadan activities for kids as suggested by moms, such as trying to sight the moon with binoculars. Another is to have your kid do a drum roll, which is a tradition that dates back to the Ottoman empire and celebrated in many Islamic cultures where the drummer walks throughout city streets to wake people up for suhoor.
The drummer has now been replaced by alarm clocks in our homes, but wouldn’t it be fun to encourage your child to do a drum roll (maybe on weekends) at suhoor time? Check out this article for nine other activities you can do with your kids to prepare for Ramadan!
5. Decorations and Iftar Tables
Image source: Eid Creations
One can never stress enough the psychology of the visuals. Children will get excited just by seeing their iftar table set with tableware that has Ramadan written on them; it could be plates or just simple disposable napkins, runners or tablecloths. Such little effort will bring good association and love with the spirit of Ramadan as they grow up and impart that experience with generations to come. This article lists out other decor and iftar-related activities you can do with your kids plus a HUGE list of vendors and businesses that cater to Ramadan and Muslim decor!
Making Ramadan feel special does not have to be a daunting task. Little details to instill good memories for your child will go a long way. Wishing you a blessed Ramadan from the Eid Creations Team
Rana Bacaloni is the founder and owner of Eid Creations.
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